Series 3 electronic ignition in series.1

I recently installed a series 3 ignition in my series one! It works great and adjusted the timing to 10 BTDC starts and drives well question should I be using my mad coil with this unit has i had it in with my petronix but it went out after one year I should I install the original coil from series.3??

I meant MSD coil !!!

A wide variety of coils will work with the S3 CE ign amplifier, Sawyer…

That the ‘mad coil’ failed may be just a coincidence. However, the original coil set-up is more related to protection of the ign amplifier itself rather than the coil. Pertronix specify a matching coil, likely to ensure overall reliability - but it is not given that the Pertronix coil won’t work with other systems. But the original set-ups of any ignition systems were not devised by morons…

That said; the use of ‘high performance’ coils is sort of attempts to improve something that already works perfectly…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Which MSD coil are you using?

Ok thanks for your knowledge frank! I’m not a big fan of petronix. I have a crane in my spitfire with same coil for 5 years no problems.

I will check on that and have answer to morrow.