Series 3 Engine Mount Replacement

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I’ve noticed that the air box is sitting on the top frame rail so it’s time to replace the engine mounts, or at least the RHS mount. The ROM doesn’t address this other than “undo the fasteners”. I’ve searched the archives and see that it is possible to replace them with the engine in place but the actual process wasn’t described. I want to remove as few parts as possible and am hoping that someone who has done this can run through the steps. Much appreciated!


Jack the sump a little bit and the remainder is common sense…
The Parts Manual shows you what is connected to what.

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Just recently did this…I went ahead and took of the inner fender skirts. I don’t believe this is a requirements, but it makes it much easier to undo the motor mounts. Other than that, just place a block of wood across the sump and slightly jack it up. Jeff S. Atlanta, GA

Thanks for the replies. It’s not too often that I find things very straight forward with this car so I wanted to ask before I get into it.

My engine is out of the car so I can’t help with that aspect.
Here are a few pix that may help you visualize the process

This one (above) shows passenger side mount on engine just forward of exhaust manifolds

And - above - the driver side; a better view of the 4x mounting bolts.
The 3 most-visible can be accessed with socket/ratchet - the 4th is definitely to be attacked with a wrench (just visible to the lower-right of the rubber mount).

The next two show the sides of the engine:

I think you may be able to remove the rubber mount without removing the assembly. It is held in place with a single 9/16 bolt. It’ll be a tight fit to get in there to remove just the rubber mount.

You can buy left & right side mount heat shields or make your own. Here is a close up of home made shields. A single hole in it fits over the stud in the rubber and the shield is then pinched between the steel mount and engine side.

With these items off my engine I can provide any pix/close-ups you need

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1+ on the above, very straightforward though small hands help. I needed a little extra lift for aftermarket SUs to clear the frame rails, SNG also sells extra spacers if needed.

Thank you Craig, this is very helpful. I was able to see how it all goes together by looking at the parts manual. I’m not too sure how straight forward this is. I can’t see how I can get to the nut on the stud, my hands just aren’t that small. Maybe it’s easier to remove the entire assembly. I guess I won’t know for sure until I get in there and take a good look. One further question, does the rear engine mount need to be loosened before slightly jacking up the engine?

Thanks for the help.


Rear engine mount does not need to be loosened (at least in my case). It takes some work, but you can get to the bolts on either side of the mount. I did not have to move the complete mount from the block. As I mentioned, I did remove the wheel well splash shield which takes some time, but gives easier access. I also had to install an additional spacer to level out the engine. Jeff S. Atlanta, GA