Series 3 oil cooler and parts catalog help

(David Culgan) #1

Due to a rather unfortunate chain of events I had to remove my oil cooler back in the early fall of last year. Bad luck followed with a surgery and a long recovery, but I’m back in the garage and getting the car put back together. Unfortunately over those many months I have lost most of the fixings for the oil cooler. My car is an '86 but my parts catalog stats up to August 1985, and the parts diagram doesn’t seem to quite match the hardware I still have.

Would anybody have a later series 3 parts catalog and be able to post a picture of the page for the oil cooler?

Dave Culgan
1986 XJ6
Engine 8L232458

(David Culgan) #2

Replying to my own post, just to end the suspense and provide some amusement, here’s what happened:

Although I owned and drove the car for many happy miles and years it developed a hot running problem which in spite of testing virtually everything in the fuel system I was unable to fix and so the poor car sat in my garage for over 8 years. Now retired, late last summer I decided to give it another go and the first thing I did was to start with changing all the fluids. When I got to removing the oil filter, it would not budge, my ring style oil filter wrench only began to crush the housing. I purchased a big slip joint pliers style oil filter wrench, and applied as much force as I could near the intact base of the filter ( yes I was turning in the correct direction). It still would not budge. I then decided the only path forward was to remove the oil filter mount from the block. This is very difficult with the oil filter still screwed on, especially when it has sharp jagged metal exposed from the previous attempts. I finally got it off, on the bench, and had to mostly grind the old filter off. The rubber gasket seemed to have glued it self to the alloy mount ( yes, I always oil this when installing and thought I was pretty careful about not putting the filter on too tight). About this time I had to go in for surgery and wasn’t able to work on the car until the beginning of this year. I have it all together, running, but my oil cooler is just sitting in place. Access to the fixings is very limited here. Along the way I contemplated deleting the oil cooler entirely, but I wasn’t able to remove the big slotted screw to get to the bypass valve for removal so I abandoned that idea, and put it all back together as per stock. I may eventually have to replace the hoses, but at least I know I can get themx on and off having done it a few times.

As for the hot running problem, my latest theory is that the ignition coil was breaking down when hot. I’ve replaced it but due to weather haven’t had a chance to test the car on the road. I apologize for the long diatribe, but I am embarrassed to have lost some of the fixings and was going for sympathy. :slight_smile:d

(David Jauch) #3

Amusement did it’s job, I checked my catalogue (not the official Jaguar) and it mentions a “alternative style 2”, shown left, that could be used just the same.

Maybe this is the later change, maybe not (knowing Jaguar your catalogue might as well be up to 86 and it’s a typo :grimacing:). I hope it is a match.
Good luck. I try not to get back in more than once, but have been. I’m lucky my oil cooler got done by some garage before I had to.

(Frank Andersen) #4

Mixed metaphors, David…?

‘Running hot’ implies a cooling system problem, while 'hot running problem may either mean that - or the engine misbehaves when warmed up…so…? In the latter case; the ignition amplifier has been known sometimes to be ‘heat tender’, causing mis-/no firing only when hot. Replacing the ign amp module is a usual cure…

Certainly, the coil may also be a culprit - so testing your replacement is pertinent…

But a description of your symptoms is relevant…

You have my sympathy on parts loss…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Doug Dwyer) #5

Just a tidbit.

The “Aug 1985 and later” parts catalog can be found here…although it isn’t always very easy to read


(David Culgan) #6

Thanks for your replies David and Frank. Yes, I think I my wording was a bit off and I got a laugh from your reply Frank. As I mentioned in my posts, it’s been many years since I was using the car but my recollection is that the car would start up, idle (slightly rough), and run very well until some period of time after the engine reached operating temperature, maybe 10 minutes / 15 miles or so. It would then lose power and run very rough. I kept my test drives close to home and was always able to limp home.

In hindsight, I’m not sure why I latched on to the idea that it was a fuel problem, for some reason I got the idea in my head that it was over-fueling, maybe from past experiences with sticking automatic chokes on American cars in my youth. I did a lot of checks including monitoring fuel pressure with a gage I could see while driving and borrowing a known good ECU. These test drives and near breakdowns gave me a lot of anxiety and at some point I just parked the car.

I’ve since retired and would really like to start enjoying my car again. I started thinking of that old mantra about “x% of fuel problems are really ignition” and now think that what I was experiencing was bad misfiring. After reading your reply this morning, I looked at some posts on this forum about the ignition amplifier. Opening it up and replacing the inexpensive module would be well within my capabilities as I used to do a lot of that sort of thing as an electronics repair technician.

(Frank Andersen) #7

Similar symptoms may have quite different causes, David - I’ve been there, infatuated by a particular theory…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)