Series 3 speedo cable replacement

(Charles Krop) #1

Was wondering if anyone has some good hints on replaceing the cpeedo cable in my 74 Series 3. I am pretty sure the problem is at the traunny where the cable appears to be broken. I thought replaceing it would be easy taking of the dashtop to gain acces to speedo. However the manual has your removing the parcel shelf, radio and other pieces. Is that really necessary? Thanks for any advice.

(Bob Burnyeat) #2

I was able to replace it in my '73 S3 without taking the dash top and radio panel. Was able to thread it down from above after accessing the speedo from below (taking the parcel shelf out…).
I had replaced mine after the angle drive broke and then the replacement angle drive broke. Advice I was given when purchasing the 2nd angle drive was replace the speedo cable too.

(Charles Krop) #3

Thanks Bob, especially since you are the only one that replied.