Series 3 Stub axle carrier

Quick question on the 1971 Series 3 E Type I am restoring……I’m stripping and refinishing the suspension components currently. My stub axle carriers have a sort of cup where the lower ball joint is attached. I believe this is a separate piece (maybe part C30953) but want to make sure before I start pounding it out. It’s in there pretty solidly right now. Photos below. Thanks for your help.

The metal ring shown in the bottom of your picture is C30952 and, yes, it comes out. C30953 is a Phenolic cup the ball sits in. C22970 is a plastic retainer for which the gaiter and 0-ring attach to. It snaps over the top of the C30952 part. In the past the C30952 came in a rebuild kit but don’t know about latest production. Call vendor to answer that question if you don’t have two of those parts.

If you have an old ball from the ball joint you can place it on top of the metal ring and hit it with a hammer to knock the ring through. Made for easy removal when I did mine!

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Thanks for the advice guys!

Soaked them in penetrating oil for a couple days and they came out easily.

Rob the old ball joint trick worked great. Thanks!


Going with OEM style replacement ball joints or the sealed-for-life type?

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Dick good question. I’ve been debating a bit. I have the OEM style with the clear plastic gaiters on my ‘62 and they have held up nicely over almost 15k miles. But the Lemforder sealed for life seem appealing for the relative simplicity.

Do you have any experience with the Lemforder ball joints?

The Lemförder ball joints are good and you can put the rings you just pounded out in “the box” and install the Lemförders. However, the bolts will be a little too long now which doesn’t really matter as they don’t damage the boot. You may want to get shorter bolts if you want it to be perfect. The boots are definitely better and no greasing.

Hello Robert. FWIW I recall seeing the following post some while ago about generic brands of the sealed for life ball joints being discussed here - if you’re going this route I suggest you read the following post to the end regarding quality - no surprise but apparently not all parts are created equal! :frowning_face: It seems Lemförder is the recommended brand (as David mentions above) rather than some cheaper aftermarket options out there. Just something to be aware of - good luck with your project. :sunglasses:

Great advice thanks.

Hi Robert,
You have two roads. The first is Concours - aka originality. If that matters or features in your future plans then I’d stick with OEM style. Just be aware that, over time, the gaiter(s) are going to go south and will require replacement. Same for the upper ball joints.
If Concours isn’t in your game plan then I’d definitely go for the sealed for life style. Just another “maintenance” item upgrade you won’t have to contend with in the foreseeable future. Maybe someone here on the Forum can provide an up-to-date assessment of kits available today.
I have a pair of factory sealed lower gaiters (C22967), never been opened since purchase (I recall about 2008) and they’re disintegrating in the package. From my observation the joint grease must play a part in keeping the material viable. Don’t know why! Still, they deteriorate in use and ever so many years have to be replaced.
There is a black one (EPDM material?) I’ve seen, hold up well if you can get past being U G L Y!!! Ha Ha

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I‘m very cheap.
This means I bought a set of 4 balljoints for 40€ and was happy with them. I bought another two for cheap and they didn’t fit well which is not nice on a safety relevant part. So I recommend buying good ones.

Lemförder has the by far best reputation here in Germany, over the competitors (like Febi, Mahle, Mahle HD, ABS etc.). It’s reflected in price but they haven’t let anyone I know down. I‘ve seen the Lemförder ones on an E Type but while know I helped with the upper ones I can’t comment on the lowers, just that it’s the same as in many XJ models.

I can’t say bad things about the lowers, only about the gaiter which isn’t great.

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Robert; in case you may be considering a concours event sometime in the future JCNA rules exclude judging of suspension components - so you’re good to go either way with this. :sunglasses:

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See, learn something every day! Never done a Concours and don’t plan on entering one but have attended a few shows. The greatest part of owing an E-type is driving one. Owning one, you learn humility. Nothing like being broken down, standing by your Kitty - just off the road as others pass by. Smile, that’s about all you can do! Then there’s nothing like a cold winter day, put the top down. windows up, sun visors up, heater on HI and off one goes!!! As long as it doesn’t rain… LOL Exhilarating!!!

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No concours for me. Just driving. Thanks for the advice!

Does Lemforder make a sealed upper ball joint as well? I haven’t come across that if they do.

I think you’re „stuck“ with the original design. If there’s a better boot it would be all you need. Otherwise original is better than good enough.
The upper is integrated whereas on the other Jaguars it is a separate part.