Series I Etype 4.2 front bumpers

I’m looking for a decent set of front bumpers for a 4.2 Etype series I. These or the ones that don’t have the the threaded mounting holes.

Hi Dan, I have two front 4.2 used bumpers without over riders. The left one has a very small dent that would be ground out. The right one has a split in the end where the over rider bolt passes through and is totally covered by the over rider. Both obviously would need to be rechromed. The threads on the captive nuts are fine. Where are you located? I am in CT. I bought these just incase I would need them,
at 70 years of age, I don`t think so now.

Hi Dan, I will also start getting my no longer needed parts gathered for your selection.

Hi Dan,
I don’t know if you have purchased the bumpers from Allen, or if you still need them. Let me know if you do still need them as I believe I have a pair or two somewhere in the basement.