Series II FHC Windscreen. Who Makes One That Fits?

Went for a drive today and got more than I bargained for. A car headed the other way on 2 lane Hwy 64 must have kicked up a rock or other debris that put a nice star crack in my windscreen.

So where does one buy a windscreen that actually fits. I’m more concerned about fit and overall quality than I am about trademark logos.

I have seen good reports from Pilkington in England; check on the E Type UK forum for details. Barring a replacement, you might try a windshield repair kit that fixes small defects like this one.

Thanks Mark. In my experience and as I’ve been told, rock damage that produces star cracks like I’ve got tend to spread even if the damage is professionally repaired And the damage is pretty much in my line of sight. I’m waiting on Hagerty to respond, I’ve filed a claim and sent them pictures.

OOF, that looks fatal. I used a pilkington from from sng about six months ago. I wouldn’t call it a great fit, but it worked. Final result was fine, but the process was twenty tiny compromises. It did have all the " correct" marks in the high center of the glass.

Definitely check out the e type uk forum. There is a writeup in the knowledge base about the efforts to develop a windshield that fits.

Does tomato slice count as other debris?
July 4th niece’s truck was totaled.

Karl, Geoff. Thanks.

I recall the issues regarding the windscreen forms and all the discussion regarding them.

I just had a conversation with one of the usual suppliers. They sell the Triplex marked screens make by Pilkington.

I had massive issues with a Pilkington screen I bought. But I have a Pilkington screen on there now and the fit is as good as it gets. It’s unfortunately hit or miss.

Did you at least get the quarter out of the deal?

Wait, you’re kidding right? A tomato caused that? If so it must not have been ripe.

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Drew and I drove past a ladder on the highway coming home from CJ a couple days ago. I think that must be close to the 10th one I’ve seen in the road since moving to TX. This why I never, ever tailgate. I’m the one 15 car lengths back. Imagine getting one of those through your screen.

One of the radio stations, 950 KPRC, in Houston used to, and maybe still does play the “Debris Game” during the evening drive time traffic reports. Ladders, perhaps free range ladders, were frequently mentioned. I had to swerve to avoid one on the freeway in Nashville, coming home from the recent oil leak.

Ouch! I hope that the windshield damage wasn’t caused by the passenger’s head. Hopefully everyone’s ok.

John you might try one of the windshield repair place before giving up on the original. I got a rock that made a “star” on my '71 Vega up high. I took it to one of those places and they injected resin that filled up the star pattern for the most part and has not cracked any further in 10+ years. New Vega windshields can be very hard to find so I did not have too much choice. My E also has a star in it down low that was there when I bought it in 2000. It has not grown any. If yours is in direct line of site then that might make all of this moot.

68 E-type FHC

I went by the glass shop this morning and also spoke to Hagerty claims. Both agree the chips and cracks are in the driver’s line of vision and replacement is recommended. So the glass shop is ordering the glass (correct Pilkington), and gasket, insurance is covering the cost. I’ll take it in with the chrome and rear view mirror removed.

Set aside a couple days, and a tube of glass sealant just to reinstall the chrome.

Got one from SNG just recently for my '67 fhc. Wasn’t as good a fit as the one that came out (it wasn’t original as far as I could tell) but we were able to get it in. It’s a Triplex - don’t know if that’s made by Pilkington.

The full Pilkington (Triplex) E-Type glass catalogue is available to download here:

It is very comprehensive and includes the various options (tint, heated, radio antenna, logos). Just make sure you use the correct Pilkington part number. You may want to consider ordering direct if other vendors do not support the correct part numbers or options. To give you an idea:

All production, moulds and formers (3,000+ of them) has moved from the UK to Finland. UK Forum members worked long and hard to get the screens correct but if you have any problems or queries please contact:

Nick Gardiner
Commercial Manager Pilkington Classics

He will be delighted to help if you mention the E-Type Forum.



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Thanks David, good info there. I gave my glass guy the info on where to order the gasket and locking strip (SNG) and he’s ordering the glass from his distributor, who carries Pilkington and I believe it’s marked Triplex.

Are you going to install the chrome yourself? It might be the best route. In order of degrees of trust I’d put the most faith in a Jag restorer, myself, and lastly a generic glass guy to do that job neatly.

I found the hardest piece to install is the lower chrome strip. It’s one of the very few jag tasks that has beaten me every single time I’ve tried it.

Oh Yes. Absolutely. I’m taking it in with the chrome, wipers and rear view mirror removed.

I’ll tape lots of padding in place on the cowl and roof when I re-install the chrome. The upper piece has some slight distortions I’ve lived with. If I can’t get them out I will probably buy a new piece from SNG.

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