Series II HG500 A/C Compressor Question

According to the manual, in order to remove the HG500 compressor from my 1970 Series II FHC, without loss of freon, you have to hook up a gauge to the suction service valve and check to see if the pressure is less than 2 lb. sq. in. I don’t have A/C gauges. Can I just close both the suction and discharge valves and remove the compressor? Will that damage anything?

I don’t believe you will damage anything, but you will lose your refrigerant as it is distributed throughout the A/C system, in the hoses, the condenser, the evaporator and the compressor. It is not a good idea (and probably illegal) to vent the refrigerant to the environment by opening the system. You must pump the refrigerant out first and recover it for reuse or prepare to replace the refrigerant. You really do need a good set of manifold gauges to work on A/C systems properly.
My two cents.

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The E-Type, with the HG500 compressor has a shut off valve on each fitting that attaches to the discharge and suction port on the compressor. When you close those it isolates, or contains, the refrigerant in the system. All you would lose is any refrigerant in the compressor itself when you remove it from the system.

I can’t think of any way the compressor would be damaged if you close both valves, and slightly loosen one of the fittings to let any pressure in the compressor bleed off and then remove both fittings from the compressor. The amount of refrigerant inthe compressor would be minimal.

I’d buy a set of gauges, cheap enough at Harbor Freight or on line, if for no other reason, just to check the pressures after you reinstall the compressor.