Series II Lucas Alternator terminal markings

I’m going through all the wiring on my alternator circuit. I’m replacing a few wires with very high resistance and noticed
the terminals for the F+ and F- connections have no markings.
I have seen wiring diagrams on the internet that show the F+ towards the center and vice a versa.
Help! I’m pretty sure its the original alternator, the body looks like its been repainted but I’ve looked with a magnifier with no luck. The AL terminal is marked plain as day.
What would happen if I fire the car up and have these backwards?

Be careful. You will have a car with one forward gear and 4 reverse… :grinning:

But seriously, it really doesn’t matter. It is more correct to install the F+ on the lug closest to the B+ (the fat wire that goes to the battery) - probably makes it less likely for an accidental short to ground.