Series III Fuel tank one-way return valves

Hello All- working on my '83 XJ6 SIII. …would someone be able to confirm if the one-way, fuel return valves (2) are in the closed or open position when energized? Im working on removing both gas tanks to have them cleaned/sealed but i need to be able to move the car around in my driveway/garage while the tanks are out for service. So my plan is to, very temporarily ,set up a plastic gas can in the trunk that i can run a supply line out of and to the fuel pump and also run the return line into. Just need to confirm if i were to disconnect power to the 2 return valves would they then be in the closed position ? That way fuel will be directed back into the gas can.

Thank you in advance

One is closed, one open without power. all three valves are powered in the R position so the left return valve is normally open.

Just run a hose from the LH return to the canister and make sure L is selected…

Perfect! Thank you again