Series III rear window question

I recently bought an '85 sedan (USA) and nigher rear window goes all the way down.
As I remember they stop at the same point.
I’m thinking this is due to some safety feature to keep children from falling out?
I’d like to hear from anyone that had dealt with this.
thank you

On many cars the rear windows won’t go all the way down because of the shape of the door and the need to wrap around the rear wheel well.

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thank you for the reply Kirbert.
That sounded like a good reason.
I just measured the glass - 13 3/4" show while in the up position.
Following the path the glass would take while lowering into the door
both it and any track necessary for it is some 4" forward of the wheel well
shape placed in the door.

I’m not really concerned, just curious. I bought the car for the engine/trans for my '75 sedan.

XJ rear window don’t go down fully, it’s one of the flaws of those cars. They might have been able to do a better job but it is what it is. Has nothing to do with safety.

thanks David, I might be using the interior door pulls and storage pockets on my series II.
If I do remove the door panels I’ll sure take a good look inside and get my answer.

I am almost looking forward to seeing the obstruction.

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Well, when you dismantle the mechanism you’ll see why.
The whole mechanism has been over-designed to current standards.
The sprocket on the mechanism is huge in comparison to modern cars, as is the window motor…

thank you Patrick. I’ll learn all about it.

Are you talking about the pinion gear on the window motor? In looking over an assortment of window motors, I have concluded that the smaller the window, the larger the pinion. That means they are selecting the pinion size to limit the available torque so as not to damage the regulator or the glass. On the XJ-S convertible rear windows they use a 14-tooth pinion, presumably to avoid overpowering the window.

Yup, the huge half moon shaped, teethed piece of metal… :wink: