Series III Saloon in the new "Men In Black International" movie

My adult daughter took me out to the movies yesterday for Father’s Day to see the new 3D “Men In Black: International” movie. One of the most prominent vehicles the MIB agents used was a black (naturally) Series III XJ6 or XJ12. My daughter recognized it immediately and said “Dad, that looks like your Jag”. I won’t spoil the fun, but let’s just say that I had no idea the SIII had so many undisclosed options or that some of the components could be used to fight aliens from outer space. Unfortunately the aliens from outer space made quite a mess of it in the end.
It was another silly MIB movie and the 3D effects were fun and entertaining. It is worth seeing especially for SIII saloon enthusiasts. But until more research is conducted, I don’t recommend that you try fighting aliens from outer space with your SIII saloon as I doubt that those components work quite the way they are presented in the movie. :slight_smile:


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Show’em the Lucas electronics.

Humanity, 1, aliens, zero.


Are you talking about GEORGE LUCAS???
Cause he can come up with some ways to fight aliens.


The Alien would say; ‘take me to your Dealer’ :slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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It’s not a series 3. It’s a early model look at back lights 73 my guess. We saw movie pretty poor. Not sure what the director’s point was. And why a lexus. Just don’t get kt

Definitely a series 3 body with gothic tail lights - you can tell by the roof line, door handles, mirrors, bumpers. Not much room left for the right gas tank with that gun I imagine!

Nice to see another movie throwing love at the XJ6 - Michael Keaton had a series 3 in Spider Man Homecoming as well - my kids picked up on it too.

The car was most definitely a Series III but with some modification like the rear bumper and tail lights and of course all of the weapons.
The Director’s point? It was fun entertainment, pure and simple. :wink:
My Series III 1990 V12 Vanden Plas was used in making the movie “Miles Ahead” in 2014, staring and directed by Don Cheadle. It was a fun and interesting process to be involved in but my car was not damaged or modified permanently for the filming. I believe that I posted about this at the time. I will have to check the archives.


Thanks Paul, I was just curious enough to watch “Miles Ahead” last night. Very cool film with cool music, partly biographic too - though I’m not sure if Miles Davis owned a Jaguar in real life.
Also I don’t think a late production XJ12 Series 3 really coincides with the reclusive five years in which he withdrew from performing - and his early '80’s comeback.
Nice to see a movie in which the Jaguar isn’t smashed up in a car chase or vapourised by space aliens though.

When I heard through a friend in the Los Angeles Jaguar Club that Don Cheadle was working on a movie and needed a green Series III XJ with a tan interior up in Culver City for a day, I had no idea what movie it was. It sounded like a fun thing to do, and after a few emails and phone calls my wife and I headed up for the adventure about a week later. When we arrived we learned that the movie my car was being used for was “Miles Ahead” was about Miles Davis, and that they needed my car for the scene where Miles Davis gets shot while sitting in the front passenger seat of a Jaguar. I was familiar with Miles Davis and his music, but I was a little fuzzy about the shooting incident so I looked it up on my cell phone while waiting in the sound stage. Miles Davis was shot in 1969 in Brooklyn, NY and the Series III didn’t show up until 10 years later. If Miles Davis got shot in a Jaguar it was definitely not a Series III (or any XJ), but I was not going to tell them that. :wink:

Most of the movie was shot in Cincinnati, Ohio months before using a green Series III XJ6 with a tan interior. While editing the movie they discovered that they didn’t have the footage of the interior of the car during the shooting that they needed, so they looked for a car that looked like the Jaguar that they used in Cincinnati. My green 1990 V12 Vanden Plas was close enough for them. A stunt man sat in my front passenger seat with cameras focused on his left side where the bullet hit Miles Davis for the filming. They used small explosive charges to simulate the bullet hitting the stuntman and they filmed this a few times from different angles. The final shooting sequence filmed in my car is shown a few times in the movie.

It was a fun day for my wife and I. They paid us, they fed us, they filled up both fuel tanks before we left, we got to watch the filming, the filming crew spent a lot of time admiring my car, we met Don Cheadle, and now I have this great story to tell.