Series III XJ12 Speedometer Wanted in Good Working Condition

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Description: Looking to find a working but in top condition speedometer for a V-12 Series III XJ. My car’s mileage is just under 67,000 miles, so ideally looking for a speedometer with that sort of mileage (or somewhat close). Car is a 1992 V12 VDP (Canadian edition). Obviously being a Canadian car, mileage in kilometers (around 108,000) would be ideal.

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Location: British Columbia, Canada

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I think I have one that reads in KMH rather then MPH. If that might be of some interest I’ll go through my boxes of parts


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The mileage can be adjusted. I set mine to the same value when I replaced it.

Geoffrey, Try contacting Matt at in Ohio. Mark Olson ( just tested and repaired a lot of S3 XJ12 tachometers for Matt. He may also have stock of speedometers. Good luck and good huntinng,

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Geoffrey, Have you considered sending your speedometer out for repair? That may be your best option if you can’t locate a good replacement.



Turns out I have two; one KPH and one MPH.

The KPH unit is in beautiful condition. It worked perfectly 4-5 years ago when I packed it away and I presume it still does.

The MPH unit is in fair/good condition. It worked perfectly as recently as a couple year ago.

Let me know if you are interested


That would be super if you could Doug. Thanks!

Thanks David. Much appreciated.

Yes – I have sent a note to Nisonger to see if they can repair it.

Yes I would be interested. Let me know a price?



Pay attention to the turns per mile (three or four digit number) printed on the face. If the TPM doesn’t match, you’ll have to send out for calibration, at which point you may as well just have your original repaired.

Thanks Michael. Much appreciated!

Good point…but probably not an issue in this case. The KMH speedo pictured came from an '88 Series III V12 which would have the same axle ratio, tire size, and speedometer transducer as Geoffrey’s '92 car.

Still, it’s worth checking. The speedo face on the one I’m selling reads…

Made in UK 1100-08 Fed Cal 625


625 TPK is almost exactly 1000 TPM. You could change faces and odometer gears to convert to a mile gauge

The mileage on my 1992 car in kilometers is 63,000. What I need to know is:
can Doug’s speedometer be successfully readjusted to that mileage if I purchase it?

Anyone see any problems/challenges with that? Not sure I understand the significance of the 625 turns per kilometer - I assume as Doug says that this would likely be the same on a 1988 as a 1992 V12 Series 3 car?

Thanks everyone for your help on this!


If I will require a specialist to reset the mileage to the mileage that is on my car, it seems to me that I should just send my own to Nisonger for repair (which they have said they will do).

Problems: you need to remove the bezel and glass. Challenges: The bezel might be difficult to get free and carefully bending the tabs needs a steady hand. Adjusting the mileage is straightforward but never force anything, obviously.

TPM: different cars come with different final drives and wheels. This means that the sensor will not give the same amount of pulses as a signal on different cars. The tacho is the device that has to take the impulses or revolutions and convert them.
Think of a bicycle. Smaller wheels turn faster for the same speed, and the same applies with different size sprockets on the rear wheel. If the sensor counts the number of chain links per minute, it will vary and the tach is calibrated to give the correct reading.

A “1000” counts 1000 turns per mile, a 950 only 950, etc.

Thanks for this David.

That makes the most sense, yes