Series III XJ6 or XJ12 Air Extractor Vent Located Beneath the Car

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Description: I am looking to purchase a decent metal air extractor vent from a Series III XJ6 or XJ12. These are the two metal vents located beneath the spare tire well that are spot welded to the bottom of the car and visible from beneath the car. Both of the air extractor vents on my 1990 V12 Vanden Plas were damaged last year during cross country shipping from California to South Carolina. I was able to bend the right one into its correct shape again, but the left one was nearly torn off the car and I had to pull it off. The attached pictures show the story and the part that I need. Each of my air extractor vents were spot welded 7 times in place. I used a drill to drill out the spot welds when I removed my left one from the car. If you have a parts car sitting around it would only take a few minutes to drill one of these out. Please contact me by Jag-Lovers Personal Message if you have one that you are willing to remove, sell, and ship to me.

Asking price (if selling): $20 plus shipping?

Location: Taylors, South Carolina 29687

Contact information: Paul M. Novak

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Don’t know if you need to be 100% original but on my 94 XJS they used large rubber right angle grommets. I have a set of four that I’ve been saving. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.
Since I’m always away from the computer please CALL or TEXT me before 4 PM, PST @ 650-455-1110.
Stephen D’Angelo

Paul, I’ve had good luck sourcing weird bits of body metal like this from David Boger ( He might just cut out a chunk that includes the vent and let you deal with drilling out the spot welds.

Interesting…the Series 1 cars had no such provision–metal or rubber grommet. What is it for? Does it have to do with petrol or exhaust smells in the cabin, or perhaps safety from fume buildup below the floor of the boot?

It is there to pull the gas fumes out. There’s some limited drainage through the spare wheel bolt. Paul needs the steel part.


Thanks for the offer but I am only interested in getting another metal air extractor vent just like the original and the one that is still on the car.


Thanks. I contacted David Boger and I am waiting for his reply.


David Boger replied and he doesn’t have any of these vents available. I also stopped by one of the local independent shops here in South Carolina and the vents on both of their SIII parts cars were badly crushed, much worse than mine. :disappointed:
I am still hoping that someone with a Series III parts car can help me with one vent.


Didn’t @aristides make them?

Yes, I did made them for my car, they were completely rusted.

I made a mould from wood and lots of hammering…
I used rivets to mount them.

An other option, and maybe easier, would be to make them square, i.e. cut, fold and weld the corners, but not so good aerodynamics… : )

Thanks for the pictures and information about how you made those metal air extractor vents. They reminded me of some ash trays that I made for my parents in metal shop class when I was in 7th grade. :wink:
I may have to resort to doing exactly that unless I can find someone parting out a car. As you may recall I completely parted out three Series III XJ6s to keep my other Jaguars running but unfortunately I didn’t remove any of these metal vents from those cars. I wish now that I had removed one or two of them and kept them as spares “just in case” since some of them were in great condition as I recall. :disappointed:


Jaguar Heaven in California?

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An other idea could be to make something with a 3D printer and you can use rivets to mount it.
They don’t have to necessarily be metal…
Or find a plastic box or something, cut it and glue it.

Easier and more original to find a willing donor car… if it takes too long I would just hold off painting these body parts until parts are available.