Series two turn signal/horn wiring aid

From time to time you may find it necessary to replace your turn signal switch. It is not in the best location for unplugging the wires from the wiring harness. If you are like me, when unplugging the wires you might not see which wire came out of which connector. To make sure this didn’t happen to me as I removed mine I made a list of all the turn signal wires and the harness wires to make sure everything worked when I reinstalled my new switch. I would like to share that with you. For some reason I am unable to down load the information so if you would like to have it please send me a email.

In other words, it ain’t color for color!

That’s correct my friend. Hope you can use it someday.


(Attachment Wiring aid for Turn Signal.html is missing)

Been there, done that several years ago. New wiring harness and NOS turn switch. I too, noted the color changes during tear down, and referenced several wiring diagrams on the installation of the new parts. A new five pin connector is recommended also. Your post is a good heads-up for some one new to the wiring of the switch.

Wiring aid for Turn Signal.pdf (13.5 KB)