Series2 bumpers

(Karl) #1

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Looking for driver quality bumpers for series 2
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Location: Brier washington

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(Michael) #2

I have six… Two front, and four rear. I was planning on using them on my restoration but ended up with new. Tom over at Muncie Imports has them with my car (1971 OTS Red), tell 'em I sent ya. Call him up & ask if you can make a deal for them. I am so over budget I could use any help! They are very good for a driver. 765.286.4663

(Karl) #3

Hey Micheal thanks. I am torn too. It looks like I can get new stainless for about 1600$, but I am also well over budget! I’ll call maybe get a couple pics.

(Karl) #4

Are you saying you have 2- complete fronts, and 4 complete backs?

(Michael) #5

Well… It was two years ago (still in process). I had six total pieces. Muncie told me that while they were fair enough pieces that - some would work / and others would not. Out of the six I believe I was told that two were Series 1. So perhaps two fronts, two rears, and some series 1 pieces. Or four rears and two series one fronts! Or four fronts & two series 1 rears!

I really thought I had a treasure trove of bumpers ~ that is until we ordered the new pieces.

(Karl) #6

Talked to Tom, he says all you have now is series 1 stuff not in good condition.