Service Required dashboard message

Getting into my car this morning, I got a Service Required message appearing on my dash at startup and then disappearing after a few seconds. I’m pretty confident this means I need an oil change. I changed the oil almost exactly a year ago when I first bought the car and have since put about 5500 miles on it. Is this pretty typical? What kind of intervals are you getting between changes? Really, just trying to confirm my experience isn’t out of the norm.

Brett, ours is a 2009 XF SC. We have had it 7 years and I honestly do not remember getting such a message.
We run synthetic and change it about every 12 months. Wish I could offer something constructive, but since yours is 2010 and a R, it could be a slightly different “brain” on yours.

Wife’s car…stays in garage mostly. I drive it for errands at least once a week.
Right now, I have a plethora of lights and warnings. Won 't idle above 1000 rpm, runs rough, have red engine system warning, yellow CATS warning, and yellow park brake system warning. Towing to my indy on Monday. Hoping I don’t have to take it to dealer…will have to hire a transporter for that 180 mile endeavor "-(

Jim, I did some checking after I posted this, both in the owner’s manual and online, and it looks like this warning is the normal indicator for an oil change and an inspection of some other things. Not sure if the system goes by both length of time since the last oil change AND mileage, or just mileage. Either way, I think I’ll change the oil this weekend, reset the system, and see if that fixes it.

Ironically, the owner’s manual states that you should get a mileage countdown indicating how much further you can drive, and then you will get the Service Required warning. However, it also says that you may not get any message at all in which case you should just follow normal service intervals. Its not exactly reassuring that they admit the warning light may not come on at all! The fact that I never got a mileage countdown makes me think that the system takes the length of time since the last oil change into account.

I’m sorry to hear about the woes with your car Jim. Have you hooked up a code scanner to it to see what DTCs it has? Also, I’ve read quite a few stories about owners that got a myriad of warnings and lights suddenly appearing due to their battery. How old is your battery? With all the gizmos these cars have, I think the electrical systems are rather sensitive, and can start causing problems long before it would on a less high tech car. Some people have even gone as far as replacing theirs every two years no matter what.

Hey Brett. Gave some thought to the battery and/ or alternator. Replaced battery 3 years ago. Car starts strongly. But the idle is fouled up. I scanned some codes using my at home El Cheapo tool but clearing them didn’t help. As soon as I restarted the car they reappeared. Will let the shop have a go at it. Will post updates as this evolves.

Good luck with it. Hoping its something simple and it doesn’t need to make a trip to the faraway dealer service department. Keep us posted.

Any update on the car Jim?

Not yet Brett. Throttle Pedal position A sensor part due for installation today.

Hope that fixes it.

Will update the forum once it is all fixed though.