"service required"

(Tom Brennan) #1

I have a 2011 XKR convertible. recently I got a “service required” message on the dash. With other cars I just took it to mean oil change needed. This I did, but the message remains. The guy at Quick Lube went through multiple things (button on the stalk, press the fog light button, etc). The message disappeared but returned the next day. I stopped by Auto Zone and had them hook up to the computer. They said it showed no problem. Any thoughts about where to go from here would be appreciated.

(David Langley) #2


The first step might be to post your question to the list that corresponds to your 2011 XKR. You posted to the XK8 list, which covers cars up to 2006. The list for your 2011 XKR is, I believe, the X150 forum. By the way I sympathize with you about the problem. It’s infuriating when the car tries to tell there’s something wrong, but doesn’t give enough information for you to do anything about it, other than visit the dealer who will charge an arm and a leg to turn off the light… Good luck!


(Tom Brennan) #3

Thanks, David.

The owners manual might just as well say: See the dealer.



This is the procedure for resetting the message but you have to be quick.

  1. Press and hold the rear fog lamp switch (before ignition on)
  2. Press start button (without foot brake)
  3. Release the rear fog lamp switch
  4. Press and hold the trip computer switch (1 sec)
  5. Press and hold the rear fog lamp switch (within 1 sec)
  6. Continue to hold the trip computer and rear fog lamp switches
  7. The message centre displays “resetting service mode” and then “service mode reset”.
  8. Release the trip computer and fog lamp switches and turn ignition off.

Failing this any dealer or Indy will be able to reset it for you.