Set of four 185R15 Coker Redline tires and Series 2 wire wheels

I have a set of original (I think) wire wheels ( 5 x 15) for a Series 2 E-Type along with the wire wheels are four relatively new (2 1/2 years but less than 1000 miles) Coker redline 185R15 tires. These already mounted tires are located north of Dallas, TX in Plano.

Here are pictures of the tread on all four, along with a photo of all four and a photo for each wheel. While they are not brand spanking new, they are in good shape and have plenty of use for both the wheel and the tires left on them.

I’m asking $600 for everything. If you require shipping, you will have to bear that cost, but I’d be happy to get them to the shipper of your choice.

PS. These are tubed tires, with new Michelin tubes from when Coker mounted them.

NOTE: Given the cost of shipping these wheels and tires, I’m going to suggest that you need to be prepared to pick them up here in the North Dallas area (Plano, Frisco, Allen, etc.)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I am prepared to dismount the tires from the wheels. If you are interested in the wheels only, please send me a PM.

If these are still for sale could you please advise the shipping cost by UPS or FedEx to zip 30062 please.

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Bob, if Les’ offer doesn’t pan out, I am interested. My zip is 32955.


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Guys I’m headed out to my storage locker to weigh a wheel and tire combination so I can try to get a shipping rate. The only issue I have is that I have no idea how to package four wheel/tire set for shipping. Should they ship individually? Do I need to find a box big enough for each wheel/tire?

More to come after I get weights.

Hi Bob

I would also be interested in the tires and rims.

Bob… 1971 Series 2 Roadster

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@Les_Halls @ryaskovic @Robert_A_Bagramian

I just drove over to my storage locker where I keep all my Jag parts. I weighed several of the wheel/tire combinations and they all came in at about 46 pounds a piece.

Since I have no clue on how to properly package them for safe shipment, I’m going to rely on you guys for suggestions. To be honest, I was hoping not to have to ship them given their size and weight, but as I mentioned in the original post, I’d be happy to get them to the shipper of your choice.

If I were to guess the best possible way to ship them would be on a small sized wooden pallet with them all stacked upon one another and then strapped down onto the pallet. However, I don’t have a pallet or a way to get a pallet load of wheels/tires to a shipper.

Let me know what you guys think. Once we have arrived at the best way to ship them, I can then go about finding out what it will cost to package and ship them. To be fair, once we know that, then in the order you guys responded you will have the opportunity to buy or pass on the sale. I’m not looking for an auction, just what I asked for them plus the cost of packaging and shipping to you.


I believe they can be packed and shipped by UPS for about $50 per tire. I have seen tires and rims shipped with minimal packing and they do pretty well.

Bob. Ann Arbor Michigan 48105

When I order tires from Tire Rack they come two strapped together with plastic banding. So that’s about 40 to 50 lbs. for two. UPS and Fedex have 150 lb. weight limits (USPS is 70 lbs.) so I guess one could strap two tires and wheels together but I’d be worried about the potential for damage to the spokes and outer end of the hub. I guess one could cover the backside of one wheel with a plywood disk with appropriately spaced holes to pass banding through, stack the other wheel on top of that and then use another piece of plywood with wood blocks around the perimeter to act as spacers so the plywood clears the hub end. Then band the whole thing together. Deflate the tires so when they drop them they don’t go bouncing away.

Two wheel/tires strapped together would tip the scales at nearly 100 pounds. While a shipping company might transport that, its unlikely that I could personally get two 100 pound packages to them to ship. I will experiment on Tuesday (Monday is Labor Day) with covering the back of the wheel with cardboard, and try to create a cover for the front hub and plastic wrap it all together.

Back a month or two ago Lucas Classic Tire shipped me 14 inch tires by mistake (theirs) instead of the 15’s I ordered. When they shipped the correct tires, they included a label for me to ship the 14’s back to them. I didn’t have the plastic strapping that they used, so I used packaging tape to put two tires together and plastic wrapped two tires each and took them to FedEx, with no questions asked.

This step up is a bit heavier with the wire wheels, so they will have to ship individually, Once I get a quote on shipping one of them, then you guys can decide what you want to do.

@Les_Halls @ryaskovic @Robert_A_Bagramian

I just had 4 wheels and tires shipped from the east coast to TX. They were strapped to a small pallet and freight shipped. It was over $400.

How far is it from the Atlanta area to Parker Texas? I’d be thinking “Road Trip”.

Any of the internet mapping applications will provide that answer in a few seconds.


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About 800 miles…

I was having dinner with a friend tonight and sharing the story about shipping the tires. Turns out, he has access to a pickup truck (his father-in-laws) and has an appropriately sized wooden pallet in his garage. He has suggested that I use a couple of come-along straps, some rope and some strapping tape to pile the four wheel/tire sets on top of each other and put some 2x4 sections across the top tire to protect the hub.

On the receiving side, no fork lift or pallet jack required, you simply would cut off the rope and strapping tape and then release the two come-along’s and then you have four unmolested wheel/tire sets.

As I mentioned, I will be visiting my local FedEx hub on Tuesday to get a quote on the pallet approach as well as the four tires shipped individually approach. My plan is get the quote for all three zip codes in case someone find the shipping costs to be excessive. More to come…

Not a bad idea but I wouldn’t trust my old van to do that kind of trip.

I bought some other wheels years ago and they came two per box I believe. But whatever works would be good for me. Shipping cast is the decision maker given that I really only need the tires but of course will accept the entire package.

Thanks for working with us!

I’ll do my best to get the lowest possible shipping cost. If that’s each tire wrapped and sent separately or all four on a pallet bound together. More to come…

Just out of interest, why have you decided to change these apparently almost new tires out?

I have Vreds on my car, about 1500 miles on them but they howl and I’m banking on the fact that yours don’t.

Les, great question. I recently purchased a set of larger wheels (6" MWS triple laced wheels) and then added a set of 205-80-R15 Michelin XWX classic tires. I wanted a wider more aggressive looking tire on the car. While I love the new wheels and tires, I do miss the appearance of the Coker red line tires. I had zero issue with the tires, just want to upgrade the wheels and get wider tires.

PS. I misspoke when I said the XWX’s were 80 profile, they were 70’s.

@John_Walker @ryaskovic @Robert_A_Bagramian

Gentlemen, today I packaged up one wheel/tire combo to take to FedEx for a quote on shipping costs. While there I also asked them about the feasibility of my packaging a pallet with the four wheel/tires strapped down and what the cost of that would be. The response was that even with their ground service, they do not transport pallet loads.

I then asked for a quote to three different zip codes - 30062, 32955, and 48105 for their least expensive shipping method FedEx Ground Economy. The response was the same for this tire/wheel package (see pics below) - $93 per tire. Each wheel/tire weighs in at 50 pounds plus with this packaging.

Any thoughts you all have about other methods, please let me know. I’ve been told that UPS / USPS will not transport a wheel/tire unless it is boxed.