Settings for GAZ rear shockss Mk10?

I’m in the process of installing new Gaz shock in my irs on the mk10. I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience with settings on these adjustable shocks. I plan to start in a mid-range and go from there if nobody has guidance. Also, these shocks come with their own mountings, so the stock collets, retaining ring and tube aren’t used. I’m a little disappointed (was told that these used the original shock parts by the supplier), but I don’t suppose it matters that much whether the shaft is covered or not.

The shop-built spring compressor that uses old brake rotors, popular with forum users here, has to be modified to work with the Gaz shocks. The original Girling style are unavailable. I enlarged the hole in the upper brake disc to allow the new slotted retainer to pass through, but left just enough meat to keep the spring compressed. Btw, that’s original paint on the spring including the factory yellow mark.