Seven years of work

I am about to try to upload a photo of the XK140 I have been working on for seven years. It started off as a rust bucket of parts that was apparently a XK140 FHC. With a huge amount of help from some folks on this site I have managed to get it the point that it is actually starting to look like a real car. In short … thanks to those whom know who you are for your help. :grinning:!
Jaguar XK 140 FHC



I know the feeling one gets when, after years and countless hours of work, you culminate in this moment.

Enjoy your accomplishment!

Congrats! And inspirational. I’ve taken on a restoration that stalled 12 years ago. I’ll be another year until I’m at the same point as you. But your photo is motivation.


Congratulations my dear friend. It really looks perfect! A few more things to do and you’ll be driving this beauty all summer long.

Regards, Bob K.

Thanks Bob … without your help and advice over the years I would be nowhere close to where I am now.

Sweet , …

Real sweet!!!
The coupe has such a WONDERFUL line…