Sharing an Interesting Article

List: I came across a four-page article in the June 1985 issue of Motor Trend Magazine titled “1957Jaguar XKSS”. There are some great photos of the car, the cockpit, and the engine. I think most Jag enthusiasts would find it interesting. Four questions; 1. Is Jag Lovers an appropriate venue for such an article? 2. Do I need Jag-Lovers approval to display an article in this venue? 3. Am I violating any law by publishing an article without the author’s permission? 4. Would Jag Lovers Pub be a better venue for such an article?


Hi Lou,

I’d love to see it posted here on Jag-lovers, but you would need to get the publishers’ permission first. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that posting it anywhere online without permission would be a breach of their copyright, and most likely actionable.

Thanks for asking before posting, and please do request permission! Who knows, it’s so old they might just grant it.


Thank you Gunnar, I will do that.