Shed clear out , Jaguar parts for sale

UK Sale only , too mant parts to list .
Let me know if you want anything , I will get back to you with description and price !

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Any chance you have a timing chain cover for a 1949 MK V 2.5L

Sorry no , just XK engine Parts !

Ian, do you have an early style rope seal housing, the one with the channel for the sump strip seal not the flush one. Thanks.

Hi Ian,
I am looking for a bottom plate of the dual ID plates of my 65 E.
see Double ID Plates. Can't identify the bottom plate
Anyway, do you have an ID plate (need not be stamped) that measures about 3 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches with the first GEARBOX lube MOBILEOIL A ?
Or, can you tell me if the ID plate that you might have measures 3 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches?

No sorry !

I think I do , will try and look today !

Would this be it J.E

Ian, yes it does but could I trouble you to send a few more pictures of it specifically of the groove for the rope seal and the edge of the lower half, the part without the 3 bolt holes for mounting it to the block. Mine is the earlier version for the steel sump so the strip gasket is retained by the flange and not the sump. Thank you

Hi Wayne,
I’m quite sure I have a timing cover and alotta other MK V parts. What is your email address and I’ll send pix.

Best regards,
Tom Brady

Ian, thank you for taking the time and sending those additional images of the housing, the one detail I am still not sure about is the sealing surface of the lower piece (upper, smaller piece in your photos) opposite of the groove for the rope seal. I believe there is an early and late style depending on which style pan/gasket. Pictured here is the version I have, a ridge on the outer portion of the lower half of the seal housing in combination with the rear main bearing cap provides a channel to support the strip (usually cork) seal for the sump pan. My intention is to convert from a scroll to a Rob Beere rear main seal.

Would it be possible to verify if your part is that configuration?
Thanks, Jim.

Tom, my email is


Hi Jim , no lip on the cast part , just looked at a sump , there is a lip both ends to hold a cork seal !

Ian, thanks again for checking that out, I’ll have to keep looking.