Shifter will not engage gears, acts as if all gears are in Neutral, I can only engage Park

2000 S type 4.0 The car will engage Park but when I try to engage any other gear, no response. All gears act as if the vehicle is in Neutral. I can re-engage Park without any issue. I did recently have a low battery which caused some funny behavior. Other than that, the transmission has been performing very well.

Your thoughts?


Broken peg in the selector housing from forcing the lever out of park? (park pawl problems with 5R55N gearboxes TSB S307-16)
Bolts on the left side of the gearbox fell out and the cable is loose?

Many TSBs for the car as Jaguar worked out the issues.

S307-01 Selector Lever Release.pdf (45.3 KB)
S307-02 Modify J-Gate Interlock Lever.pdf (49.9 KB)
S307-06 Difficulty Selecting Range.pdf (15.5 KB)
S307-16 Selector Lever Difficult To Disengage.pdf (442.6 KB)

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