Shifting into Reverse and 1938 Owners Handbook

(Peter Scott) #21

$3000 !!!

A good reason why we need a pdf version for those interested in the content and not the investment opportunity.


(Paul Wigton) #22

3 large, for a reprint?

What ARE these people smoking???

(Ed Nantes) #23

3 large for an original would still be “ what are these people smoking.”

(Roger Payne) #24

The eBay offering looks very much like being another example of my previously described reproduction 3 from circa 1999 period, and indeed vendor claims to still have two available, after three already being sold. Wow, USD3000, which is about x100 what I paid for mine new in 1999. Better than gold!
Being ‘only’ 62 pages makes it a reproduction of course, as the original factory reprint edition of 1.10.48 although with same front apperance, still had ii+86p with all the back of book Dealers listing etc.

But what value 1938, 1938-9 and 1940 originals, and indeed original 1938-9-40 1.10.48 factory reprints.

Bear in mind that CJA saw fit and a need in 1962 to produce a reproduction, presumably as even then originals were not readily available. Its now another 45 years later.

The rub of course is that these originals, equally apply to SS100 as well as the Saloons and DHC, thus a premium interest, given SS100 can now sell for USD500,000 plus. An interesting parallel is 1961 E-types, now also selling for USD500K plus, are also commanding similar prices for original 1961 Handbooks, with the operative word being ‘original’ handbooks.

But if you really want ‘rare’ try and find a complete original ‘Literature Pack’ for an SS-Jaguar, that includes of course the INSTRUCTION BOOK, but also its outer Paper-WALLET, its GUARANTEE, its first free SERVICE VOUCHERS and most usefully also a large MAINTENANCE CHART. When did you last see one of these, let alone a set that was for sale? See below………….!

This pictured set is missing a small 12p+cover booklet on TYRES (provided by Dunlop), that as far as I can establish, was included within all factory assembled Literature Packs, for SS-Jaguar and post-war Mark IV - exact issue to suit, that shown being for 1939…

Also bear in mind, prior to the 1938 SS Jaguar Instruction Book, there was an undated (1936) edition and a 1937 edition for SS 2-1/2 LITRE MODELS, that covers the relevant 2-1/2 litre SS Jaguar Saloon, Tourer and SS100 models, albeit interestingly still shown on cover as being for SS and not SS Jaguar; see below…….

The pictured 1937 original handbook is actually an available spare to my collection, and indeed I know of, and can chase up a local 1938-9 original handbook (that I don’t need) if anyone is looking for originals, at a LOT LOT less than the eBay reproduction price, but contact me privately.

(Rob Reilly) #25

Instruction Book pages in order 1-86.pdf (42.1 KB)
testing pdf, looks like it works, I hope.

Here is a list of the pages I have, and I have attempted to put them in order with page numbers gathered both, from internal references on other pages, and pages identified by Roger P earlier in this thread. My pages are photocopied in pairs by someone laying the book on a copier, so I have made the assumption of verso being even numbers and recto being odd.
Where possible I have made a guess at contents from internal references, i.e. “for clutch adjustment see page 21”, and “List of Dealers pages 64 to 70”.

I have scanned individually all the 46 pages I have, and am attempting to put them in order and figure out what’s missing.
Another forum member has kindly offered to scan the pages I am missing.

I would be glad if anyone else can take a look at this and see how I’m doing.

(Graham Jordan) #26

Then there appears to be this one for 1940.
Only one I’ve seen and unfortunately don’t own but was fortunate in that the owner made a really nice copy of it that I got from him.
Regards, Graham.

(Rob Reilly) #27

Fascinating, especially that green 0/5 on the cover, I presume meaning it was issued in 1945.
Do you have 86 pages? How does it compare with my list of pages.

(Graham Jordan) #28

Hi Roger.
I saw a SS literature pack years ago. Had the items you show above and also contained the following
Sorry. I don’t have better quality images.
RAC leaflet looks a bit early?

%24_120 %24_126 %24_127 %24_128

(Roger Payne) #29

Sorry Rob, been somewhat distracted over past few days, re this thread.

Your.pdf reconciling your photocopied pages, I can fill in gaps, with respect to what is included in an original 1938, 1938-9 and 1940 2-1/2 litre & 3-1/2 litre INSTRUCTION BOOK, appreciating of course there was a totally different Instruction Book for the 1-1/2 litre model…

f.c Black card 6"x9-3/4" with paper label glued on, dated 1938, 1938-9 or 1940 respectively (as pictured previously). The 1938 label is black print on grey paper 3-11/16" x 5-5/8" and glued direct onto black card. The 1938-9 label, same black on grey paper is slightly larger at 3-7/8"x5-13/16" thus allows some overlap when glued over top of existing 1938 label. The 1940 label is black print on yellow paper, and larger again at 4"x5-7/8", again allowing overlap when glued over top of 1938-9 label already glued over top of original 1938 label.

i.f.c. Black card - plain, nothing printed, nor stuck on.

face-page is unnumbered, and first of the white paper sheets, all with black printing. Shows all the various titles including SS JAGUAR Wings, and centrally the date 1938 printed onto sheet as is PRICE 5/-
For the 1938-9 edition there is a small 1" x 1/2" piece of white paper with1938-9 printed on it, and stuck over the top of the already printed existing 1938. No other changes.
For the 1940 edition there is a 1-1/16" x 9/16" piece of white paper with 1940 printed on it, stuck over the top of the 1938-9 errata stuck over the printed 1938. No other changes

For the rest of this black covered INSTRUCTION BOOKs 76 pages, there are no other changes from the 1938 edition, for the 1938-9 and 1940 editions.

The back-side of the ‘face-page’ is numbered at the bottom-centre as ii and the top of the page, is titled PREFACE.

Next page is numbered 1 at the bottom-centre, and is titled CONTENTS.
On back-side, next page is numbered 2 and is titled CONTENTS-continued

On back-side, page 4 is titled MEMOS. AND LICENSE DATA. This is page where you often get car and car owner details hand written in.

Page 5 is titled GENERAL DATA
Page 6 is titled ROAD SPEED DATA

Page 7 has small heading FUELS then shows PERFORMANCE DATA

This is where I previously identified your first photocopied page, being page 7. I thereafter agree with your summary of pages 8 to 19.

Page 20 (on the back side of page 19 ) is titled BRAKES and shows two photos of the Brakes.

Page 21 is titled CLUTCH and includes text and three detailed/labelled sectioned illustrations of the clutch.

Page 22 (on the back side of p.21) is titled CARBURETTERS. (Note spelling !), thus your listing is back on track, and continues as per your listing and page numbering all the way up to page 51, as I had previously identified as your last photocopied page.

Page 52 (on the back side of p.51) is main new section titled MILEAGE AND MAINTENANCE.

Page 54 continues, titled MILEAGE AND MAINTENANCE D - EVERY 5000 MILES

Page 55 continues MILEAGE AND MAINTENANCE, with a large table, for maintenance details record to be filled in by hand.
Page 56 continues the large table for recording maintenance details.


Page 59 is titled SPEED TABLE
Page 60 is a sideways oriented ROAD DISTANCES table

Page 61 is titled SERVICE giving various UK addresses/details
Page 62 is titled ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT which is again as I previously advised.

Page 63 is titled COPY OF GUARANTEE
Page 64 is start of a final section titled SS DEALERS

Page 65 continues the listing of SS DEALERS
Page 66 continues the listing of SS DEALERS

Page 65 continues the listing of SS DEALERS
Page 68 continues the listing of SS DEALERS

Page 69 continues the listing of SS DEALERS
Page 70 continues the listing of SS DEALERS

Page 71 is titled ELECTRICAL SYSTEM and shows a complete Electrical Wiring Diagram
Page 72 is titled LUCAS SERVICE DEPOTS

Page 73 is unnumbered and completely blank.
Page 74 is unnumbered and completely blank.

Next is inside rear cover in black card again, no printing, nothing stuck on
And finally rear cover, plain black card.

So that’s the ORIGINAL SS-Jaguar 1938, 1938-9 and 1940 INSTRUCTION BOOKs. In my shorthand way of showing pages …… (i)-ii, 1-72, (73)-(74) +C or 76p+C

Its the post-war Jaguar Cars 1.10.48 issue that has 86pages

(Rob Reilly) #30

Wonderful! Thanks so much, Roger!
My interest at this point is mainly in the service information contained in the book.
I guess since the odometer is showing 96280 miles I don’t need to be concerned about Maintenance A at 750 miles. :smile:

(Roger Payne) #31


The 1940 Handbook, with 5 written over top is the one I sold ES in Melbourne back in 2014 for his 1940 Saloon. See a better photo when I had it ……

It was an ‘as-new’ example, apparently sourced from Jaguar Cars archives, thus the rubber stamp on the top of the yellow label JAGUAR CARS LTD COVENTRY with the /5 added in blue crayon, and speculated as still being suitable for 1945 post-war, or maybe a proof copy to develop the first 1946 dated postwar Mark IV red covered Handbook. I didn’t even try to remove the /5 as past experience, even minor rubbing will bleach the yellow paper, so I left it as is. Note also the slight tear in the bottom-right corner of the 1940 label. I am guessing not fully stuck down, and if you look at my photo, actually better in yours, you can see a slight ridge down rhs where 1938-9 label is underneath.

Now the photo showing front-cover open is the major problem with these 1930s/40s INSTRUCTION BOOKS.
They are ‘perfect-bound’ with the spine-glued, so any book not used in period that worked/broke the glue, and in exc unused condition (as was this one when I had it) runs the risk of the aged/brittle glue breaking away and indeed not just the cover but also the individual pages. So looks like ES may have not heeded my warning, or indeed deliberately opened his book up in order to photocopy for you. It is esay enough to reglue, and return to ‘as-new’ condition if only the cover has separated, but if the pages are more damaged, the book does loose its integrity making restoration more difficult.

But that is basically my problem in providing any better photos/scans of internal pages of my original 1938, 1938-9 and 1940 books. All three are exc/as-new, and I don’t want to risk breaking glue in spine binding. So when I look at them I don’t open pages any more than 60-90 degrees, and certainly not flat to allow scanning. Took me a while to get all three issues up to their top collectable condition, as most 1938 and 1938-9 issues I have ever had spare range from poor to vg as best. Have only ever had this one spare 1940 though (actually specifically found/obtained for ES), albeit would not be a major job to accurately reproduce the yellow 1940 cover label, and the face page 1940 errata, if you already had an original 1938 or 1938-9 book.

On an everyday basis, I had been happy to use the postwar Jaguar Cars 1.10.48 factory REPRINT issues, albeit given their current asking price, maybe its now to collectable/valuable - so best to use one of the after-market reproductions, or indeed as you have, a photocopy, and keep the originals for collection/show.

(Roger Payne) #32

Re the SS Jaguar Literature Pack you say you saw ‘years ago’ that included the three items photographed - per chance do you have other photos of the rest of that Pack.
My interest of course is the age evolution of the inclusions, and of course what exactly is included.
In your case, I doubt very much the RAC hexagonal brochure belongs, as although I haven’t seen this one before, the cars illustrated suggest 1920s and not SS-Jaguar 1936-1940 era. Later Jaguar Literature Packs in the 1960s, did however include RAC inclusions, but I am not aware of anything earlier, albeit possible.

Similarly the SS Car Club ‘application form’ - hard to read. Maybe, probably not included with factory Literature Pack, but could well be have obtained by SS Jaguar owner interested. Again from the mid 1950s, Jaguar Literature Packs for new Jaguars sold in UK, did include a JDClub Prospectus and Application form, when relationship between Jaguar Cars and the Clubs was good, after previous fall-out with SS Car Club.

The LUVAX Piston Type Shock Absorber flier is of course a strong possibility inclusion, as a loose inset into a Pack with a Handbook still showing the page 39 details on the earlier Vane Tyre Lucas Shock Absorbers.
As previously, I have never seen this loose-leaf sheet with/in 1938 - 1940 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 litre Instruction Book, despite the actual handbook not being updated, as had been the case with the 1-1/2 litre handbook. But I have seen this Piston Type Luvax sheet with 1939 1-1/2 litre handbook, just stuck inside front cover. ……….

The main components of these factory Literature Packs are the main outer paper Envelope or WALLET as called by SS Cars, the INSTRUCTION BOOK of course which ran several versions/editions, the MAINTENANCE CHART that also ran at least annual editions, the SERVICE VOUCHERS and THE GUARANTEE - other possible inclusions I consider secondary (but still of interest).

The Wallet, Vouchers and Guarantee are not identifiable by known different editions, but I am expecting an ‘hexagon-SS’ badge version, and an ‘SS-Jaguar Wings’ badge version of each. I don’t know when these Literature Packs were first introduced with the only two reasonably complete packs I know of being the one I pictured with 1938-9 Handbook and 1938 Maintenance Chart, plus the pack in my collection with the same 1938-9 Handbook but a **1938-**9 Maintenance Chart. But I do note that although for SS-Jaguar, the undated 1936 and dated 1937 Handbooks still show the ‘hexagon-SS’ badge cover, and indeed I do have a loose ‘hexagon-SS’ badge Guarantee Certificate that came folded within a 1937 Handbook (as per earlier pic) ……………. see below …

I do have a 1936 MAINTENANCE CHART also, but at this stage have yet to see/confirm a ‘hexagon-SS’ badged WALLET nor SERVICE VOUCHERS.

I do have 1936, 1938 and 1938/9 MAINTENANCE CHARTS, and have seen/confirmed 1937 but am not aware of their being any 1940 chart. Postwar, there was a 1946 and a 1947/8 MAINTENANCE CHART (and again I am not aware of their being any 1945, or indeed anything later than 1947/8) And these are the factory literature Pack Charts, not to be confused with the relatively common Castrol LUBRICATION CHARTS as privately issued/distributed.

So very interested in anything else seen/known re SS-Jaguar Literature Packs, or indeed anything SS1 and SS2. However I am confident that all that was factory provided for SS was simply the bare 1933, 1934 and 1935 dated SS INSTRUCTION BOOKs (covering SSI and SSII), and the rare insert……….

(Graham Jordan) #33

%24_123 %24_124 %24_125 %24_122 %24_121

(Ed Nantes) #34

Here’s another thing to add to the SS Trivia,automobilia.
Must get around to applying.

(Rob Reilly) #35

So you had to ask to be elected?
Two pounds 17 and 6 for subscription and badge; wasn’t that about the weekly wage back then for a shop worker? Still I would be glad to get a badge these days for 15 and 6.

“I would never join a club that would have me as a member” - Groucho Marx

I can well understand spine-glued covers and brittle pages. I have a first US edition Tom Brown at Oxford and an 1879 Shakespeare’s Complete Works that are too fragile to do much with.

Can anyone else send me a scan of pages 20 Brakes, 21 Clutch and 71 Wiring Diagram?
Is the 1938 page 71 Wiring Diagram different from other years?
Those three I have a feeling I’m going to need.

(Peter Scott) #36

Hi Rob,

You’ll need to piece it together.


(Ed Nantes) #37


I’m sure I can get you one for a week’s pay.,even if not the membership.

Or perhaps one of the prizes they gave out,

(Roger Payne) #38

I have scanned page 20 and page 21 from one of my reproduction copies of postwar 1938-9-40 Jaguar Cars 1.10.48 edition. These are all stapled booklets so can open out p20 and p21 to scan without damage to binding. The text, photos and diagrams are identical to original 1938 SS Cars Instruction Book, with the biggest problem being the really poor photo definition (always a problem with reproduction handbooks where photos are photocopy standard, and not an actual printed original photo) and for some reason these reproductions are all at 93% scale - and not full size. But these reproductions only go up to page 62, so do not include the page 71 Wiring Diagram, which as per my previous comment is unchanged and identical in the 1938, 1938-9 and 1940 original SS Cars Instruction Books……….


So you know scale, the p.20 lower photo in this reproduction handbook scan is in a box exactly 106 x 81mm , whereas in the 1938 Original Instruction Book the box is 114 x87mm.

In the p.21 reproduction handbook, a full line of text is 117mm wide, and in the 1938 original its 126mm wide

Print off whatever size you want.

(Roger Payne) #39

You are in luck.
I mentioned earlier that I was aware of a spare original SS Cars Handbook locally.
I have just now got it in hand - its a 1938-9 edition SS Cars Ltd original, and indeed in overall excellent condition, with little more than a very small stain on the front 1938-9 label, but has had front cover fully folded back breaking the glue on the spine. Very easily repaired with a touch of liquid glue, but in the mean time, that allows me to scan its page.71 Wiring Diagram, not restricted by the now foldable rear-cover, and close enough to the last page that I can carefully place p.71 flat enough to scan, given the inner edge of p.71 has no text/printing so can be bent/raised. So, see below, a scan of p.71 Wiring Diagram as in original 1938-9 Instruction Book……………

This 1938-9 original INSTRUCTION BOOK is available, if anyone wants an excellent original 2-1/2 litre and 3-1/2 litre saloon, DHC and SS100 handbook, with an easily reglued spine, or more useable as-is. And as before, it is equally identical for 1938, 1939 and 1940MY cars, with a reproduction 1940 label made up and added if so desired. But contact me directly if interested, owner happy to sell, or indeed keep it if of no immediate interest. It wont be advertised.

(Rob Reilly) #40

Ed, a weeks pay for me right now is zero. I’d better resist the temptation of SS ephemera when I still need paint, chrome, upholstery and carpet. :smile:

Roger, many thanks for those. Isn’t it terrific being a part of such a helpful forum! :hugs:
Here’s a tip I just discovered for anyone else saving those jpg’s, left click on them first to open them in a hi resolution window, then right click to save them higher res than the forum shows.
I notice that page 20 shows the piston type Luvax front shock, not the vane type that my car has. Perhaps there was a revision after all.

Interesting also to see in that picture more rivets holding the chassis parts together, not all arc welded as a Mark V chassis is.
The 38 wiring diagram presumably done by Heynes et al has some differences from the 39 Ripaults diagram I had been using, reversed orientation of lighting for one. Really kind of surprising that there would be two producers of the diagram.