Shock absorber link arm dimensions and other parts to identify

Hi all
I does anybody have the dimensions for the shock absorber link arms on a 1948 MK4, I have two missing at the rear, I found one but on comparing it with the front link arms that are still on the car,the one I have is an inch shorter, are they both the same length or not?
I intend to have some made unless any body has got any spares, however I need the correct dimensions
two pictures of items I don’t know where they live on the car any help appreciated
Oh and another questions, I need to know whilst waiting for the rear screen surround to come back from the platers, how doe the rear screen fit into the car, this screen surround has only one chromed side that shows when on the car Peter Scott says it goes in from the inside, so how doe the outside get sealed or other ?

Hi Mike,

Front and rear arms are different and the one complete arm that you have is correct for the rear.

What you are missing is the is one complete arm and the special bolt at the chassis.

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The rear screen is fitted from the inside and only a small amount of chrome is visible on the outside. Be sure to run bath sealant around it before fitting.

The bar in your photo hold the front number plate and is held in place by the same bolts that secure the bumper to the chassis…

The chrome bits secure the rear bumper to the chassis brackets. They are supposed to have little reflectors in their centres.



Have some made (20 sets) and sell them to other owners to cover your costs.


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Thanks once again Pete
Currently rewiring the car with dash ready to go back in then the rest of the electricals to follow, ( In between everything else !