Shock and Coil Recommendations

It most definitely is.

Indeed it is: the Merc’s job is more to isolate you from those road undulations, the Jag’s, less so.

As was suggested by Roger earlier in this thread you should get some mileage on the car before doing anything. My clapped out 64 fhc rides more smoothly over the bumps than my wife’s CTS. Nothing to lose by waiting.

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Have you tried a little lower tire pressure?

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I purchased a complete set of the orange Koni shocks in the mid 70’s and installed them in my 68 ots. Even set at their lowest settings they were unacceptable for day to day driving. Over the last 50 years I’ve used quite a variety of shocks for touring, racing and autocrossing (E Types), Gaz, Spax, Leda and a few more that I can’t recall. I think that the Spax, perhaps primitive as they may be are the best for competition purposes, and provide an ok ride when at the softer settings.
I bought a '67 FHC 7 years ago and it came with Koni Classic (black) shocks in the front - can’t recall what was in the back, but they are Gaz today. I must say these Koni’s are really wonderful for ride, set at the 2nd or third adjustment stop.1965 JAGUAR XKE Koni Shocks and Struts Parts & Accessories | Summit Racing They are the most comfortable of all I’ve used, and this was so even though the coupe came with heavier torsion bars.
The problem for me with the Koni’s is that they do not have an external adjustment to stiffen them, which is simple enough to do on the front, but the rears require that they be removed from the springs to adjust. When we’re touring with the car, 2 people, full tank, luggage etc I like to harden up the rear, and will often raise the ride height by 1/4" as well.

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Terry, that’s very interesting - you wouldn’t have test data for the Koni Classics? I’d be very interested to add them to my database as another reference point.

That was largely my experience with Konis, too: they often times would just be too harsh, even on the softest setting.

I don’t have any details about them. Would Koni?

My my Koni classics all around on softest setting are supple as can be . I here they outlast other shocks also

Thanks for the great responses.

Seems like the Koni Classics might be an interesting choice. Do others have experience with them?

Also, how about rear coils? I have heard the ones sold by the usuals might not be the greatest quality.

Rear coils purchased from classic Jaguar
They are fine . At the time they were more reasonable than other outlets . Bought the uprated torsion bars from them also . And they worked out great also

Good thought - I’ve contacted them to ask that question. I don’t particularly want to add another pair of dampers to my global collection, although it would be interesting to see inside them :thinking:

I have two old fronts @69coupe can inspect.

Old Koni??

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Yep… ones from the 60s.

I put the adjustable GAZ shocks on my car with adjustable springs at the rear. So far so good.

The prices have gone up about 30% over the past 2 and half years. Ouch.

Send them. I’ll dig up my old shocks, too.

I will wrap up and send you a care package of a couple of the shocks that Clive sent me, and my old Konis.

They can in fact be rebuilt, but I’m just not sure if they’re worth anything, but for investigatory purposes.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the info on the Gaz adjustables. Terrys Jag seems to have a good price on the rear shocks and the correct 8” coils, but not assembled. I assume with the ride height platform that the coils don’t need to be compressed to be installed, but instead you tighten them with a C type wrench. Is that correct?

No, the coils don’t need to be compressed to be installed. The coils are actually loose with the adjusters backed down. Just tighten them up with a C wrench. You actually need two wrenches so you can lock the two adjusters together.

I’m still playing with the settings. My reason for picking the adjustable perch springs was my concern over all the variations of “stock” springs. The added cost for the adjustable feature isn’t that bad.


As you’re playing with the settings, you might consider different settings for the two units each side so they can fill in the gaps and compensate for each other.

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