Shocks for a 1968 OTS

I will be changing the shocks on my 1968 E-Type OTS. I was wondering if anyone could give me a make and part number of front and rear shocks for my car so I can buy locally and not have to go through Moss, etc. for them.

Thank you

Koni’s have always been a favorite. Some of the best.

I put Koni’s on my E-type @ 10 years ago. Very happy with them, and the red color matches the car’s paint.

I had three Koni’s fail after about 5,000 miles and they are also a very poor match to an E-Type suspension. Avoid them like plague if you value ride comfort and handling. The star choice was the Boge shocks which matched the specification of the original Girling’s but they are no longer in production unfortunately unless you can find a set at the back of a shelf.

Only game in town is now the GAZ adjustable shocks which are available from SNGB and about half the price of the ‘buy at your peril’ Koni’s.

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If you search Monroe shocks for e type they list a shock for the rear that is claimed to be as original. I have not tried them but they might be worth looking into.

Have over 40K miles on my adjustable SPAX, still very happy with them. JS


I have six slightly used Koni shocks for an E-type. They probably have less than 1,000 miles on them.

Send me an email at: alanlopena at hotmail dot com if you’re interested.

Good luck with your project,

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I was very disappointed recently when I wanted to buy new shocks and Boge’s were no longer available. I concur with David that the Koni’s I used on my '73 are too harsh even at their softest setting.

I was quite happy with my full set of Spax shocks too. Excellent handling when set to my preference and very easy to adjust.

I bought mine from David Manners in the UK and AFAIK, they are still available.