Shop in New York City

I am looking for recommendations or an independent Jaguar repair shop in New York City, preferably in Manhattan. Although I have a 2015 XF (as well as a ‘66 E Type), I posted in this category because it seems to have more action than the XF category (and because I miss my ‘95 XJR). Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

David,I’m sorry but there is no one left in New York City.
There’s NO New York City😞
I’ve got guys in Huntington Long Island but they all got the VID
You have to wait 2 weeks

Thanks for the response. I do use a great mechanic which I trust but, unfortunately, they are located more than an hour from my home so would like to find someone more convenient for the XF (not for my collector cars). On the point about New York, as a lifetime New Yorker, I beg to differ. Due to COVID, the City, like much of the country, is on a pause but it will be back. The demise of NYC has been proclaimed numerous times before and it has always bounced back stronger than ever.

Wishing you the best