Short stud Engine studs

What is the correct procedure for installing engine studs in a short stud engine? I have previously tightened them until no further movement. My memory tells me I read on this forum just to hand tighten?

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Phil D

I would use NoSeez, then just snug them in with a pliers, making sure to not mar them.

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I was hoping you would respond Paul. What you have recommended is what I have done in the past. I’m sure I read somewhere that they should be left finger tight but no reason was given so I wanted to check

Did a search for “noseez” out of curiosity…can’t find anywhere?


NevrSieze, Coppaslip.


What Drew said!

Any good brand anti-seize compound will work.

Oh, gotcha :wink:

Thought I stumbled upon some secret goop I’d never heard of…

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(Yes, I know my reply is more than 2 years old.)
Just a quick note to say I was reaching this point in my engine rebuild and I knew if I searched the forum someone else would have been there/asked that.
These forums are such a wealth of knowledge. Keep up the good work everyone!