Shot gun cartridge

Any one know the best position for the adjusting screw to start fine tuning on these a/m amp’s

410, 16 12 or the mighty 10???

Carl :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’ve been collecting 28s and 20s lately. Getting too old for 12 gauge. (they seem to hurt more lately)


I wanna shoulder a 4bore sometime lol :grin:

The calibration trim pot position varies from car to car based upon the accuracy of the various thermistors and input pots.

Get a small thermometer you can set in the interior. If possible…move amp to a location you can easily adjust screw from drivers seat. Drive the car until the heat / AC drops fan speed to Low and is balanced. Compare temp on selector knob with actual reading on thermometer. Turn the calibration pot and then continue on a drive till it balances again…continue making fine adjustments until the selected temp matches the thermometer.

In very hot or cold climates…you can use this calibration to bias the system warmer or colder as necessary. Some southern US states like to bias the system colder than normal to help compensate for R134 refrigerant and solar gain thru the windscreen.

Remember the AC cools the best at road speed with good airflow thru the condenser…if you don’t drive during calibration…at minimum have a fan blowing on the radiator/condenser.

Hope this helps


Gary, thank you…