Should aj16 be another category

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Should aj16 discussion be a separate catagory

(Veekay) #2

What about AJ6? 3.2, 3.6?

I think the question you want is whether the 6 cylinders deserve their own category, or do you want facelifts to have their own category, you don’t want to leave the 6.0 out, do you? What about the preHE from the HE?

Unfortunately this comes up from time to time. I try to do my best by identifying my Facelift issues in the titles of the posts. If more people did that, it would be easier to search through the forum library.

For now, you kinda have to check here and the x300 forum, since those guys have experience with the AJ16 as well.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #3

We started out this forum site with categories for the V12 and the XK engine. For consistency, it would make sense to me to have categories for the AJ6, AJ16, the later V8, and whatever else Jaguar decides to use as a powerplant. OTOH, the reason we created the V12 and XK boards was because those engines appear in multiple cars and we were trying to save everyone from having to wade through zillions of threads about cars they don’t own to find nuggets of information on the engine in their car. In that respect, it has failed; people with V12 engines just post their questions about the engine on the XJ-S board rather than the engine board.

(Bernard Embden) #4

I remember when that change was made. I understood the logic behind it, however I, along with a few others did not believe that it would entirely segregate the V12 postings from the XJS list.