Should I or Shouldn’t I? Project Question

2004 XJ8 here. Runs well low mileage. See attached. Originals still installed, well worn. Should I replace (parts not cheap I think I can handle the labor-over a fews weeks and weekends)? What risks if any if I just “drive them down?” Annual mileage well under 5,000, total on odometer just over 78,000.

Are these parts worn out? If not, why replace them?

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Well worn but not worn out. The ones I “screen shotted” were on my ‘94 XJS. Best described as all “integrity” maintained but looked “worn” and all “non-metal” seemed dried and slightly cracking. I do know they easily could have been kept but was hoping for (and with some other work got) a much better ride.

But on the XJ8? Not sure the work is worth the return-on-investment. I was thinking maybe someone out here has a “I wish I had done it before” story that might motivate me. If not I’ll drive it as-is until anything other than easy annual maintenance is needed.