Should I use 185 or 205 tires - I know it is a tired topic

This thread needs more thin tire photos…


Do you happen to know the exact model # for that wheel?

Must have been how the belts were laid in the tires, as it’s hard to believe a Jag E-Type could have too much negative camber.
On a similar topic - a 928 Porsche with a posi (very rare, oddly) will wear out rears way faster than fronts. The posi locks up so quick that you darn near hear the tires chirp when you park the thing. When you make a u-turn and step moderately on the gas the thing will lock up for sure, burning the tires off in no time. Ours was a stick (also rare) and this may have made this worse. Porsche did sell different levels of lock up on 911’s for sure, I think, but don’t know if ours had a special order unit, but it was highly optioned. We never felt any strange posi behavior on the E-Type.

Dayton JW156.pdf (1.1 MB)

Am i seeing that right that they gave you a significant discount?

This is a fairly objective comparison :sunglasses:.

I struck a compromise by mounting the stock tire size to new 6” wide wheels. This is a pic of 185HR15 Vreds mounted to an original 5” wheel on the left and to a 6” wheel on the right:

and a closeup:

The wider wheel splays out the sidewall a bit, which stiffens it and marginally improves handling, but the aesthetic improvement is the larger payoff, imo.


I didn’t buy them, the PO did back in 2015, so I don’t know. I don’t see that model listed on the SNG site anymore. You could call Dayton and find out the replacement for it.

OK, are there suitable "tall " tires available?

Yep 185R15 :wink:

20 char

I’m not saying they’re inappropriate tires, just that you would have to either recalibrate your speedometer or live with a 5% error.

I suppose you could find a 205/75, which would be almost a match in diameter. I don’t know if anyone has tried that size.

The 205/75 r15 is the tire advised for C2 Corvettes. Only (apparently) good, speed rated tire in this size is an Avon. A Goodyear Assurance may or may not be available in that size, but a Cooper whitewall is available as well as Coker tires, which are slammed on Corvette sites without mercy. That is a trailer size, and numerous trailer tires can be had, but they are, of course, not anywhere near ideal. Michelin used to have some “MX” variety in this size, but lists it no longer. The Avon is very expensive and is sort of marketed as a track day tire.

Diamondback has them as well, cheaper than Aon. I think their tires are built by Nexen.

Diamondback is the source all the Corvette guys swear by. They use various base tires to grind and apply red, gold and various width whitewalls on the casings. Service and quality said to be very good. Cheaper than Avon does not mean “cheap”, however.

I think this is the tire that the basic DB is based on:

It is said they run and inspect each tire, spinning them up before grinding them for stripe application. In any case, they have a good reputation.

I have Michelin X 205/75 on my 68 OTS right now. I am replacing them with 205/70. I have been told that the Michelin 205/75 are no longer available.

Here you go as of ten minutes
Left side 205/70/15 Michelin xwx 6 inch wheel
Right side 185 vred 5 inch wheel
It does fil it out
Hopefully in a year the snow will melt
These tires are 333 a tire but the look and NOT oversized compared to my uniroyals does make a stance difference

None of the 205/75s available in Blighty are suitable for a car as light as an E. All tyres here are for cars weighing two tonnes or more, the load rating is 97 or higher, and the speed rating T or H. Great for a van or SUV, less so for a 1960s sports car or GT car. Not sure what choices you have state-side.

I’m quite sure a 215/65 on a 6" bead laced wheel (offset close to standard issue 5" wheel) would fit. I couldn’t quite squeeze them in with Dayton centerlaced wheels as the wheel offset was too great. That size might also fit with the MSW 5.5 centerlaced wheel or their triple laced offering. Diameter for a 215/65 is 26.8", a 205/70 is 26.3".

Here’s a handy tire size chart if you don’t have one. Tire Size Chart

V rated
They were the king of Ferrari and I like my vreds
But these look killer!