Shoulder bolt for XK-120 DHC hood frame

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I’m trying to find the pictured shoulder bolt, which ties together the front and back portions of the XK-120 DHC hood frame. As near as I can tell, it is not available new, I am hoping someone has one in their box of old bolts. It has a wide, flat hex head, but that might not be so important. The shoulder is 1" long and 3/8" in diameter, the threaded portion is 1/2" long and 1/4" in diameter and appears to have BSF threads. I don’t think the little unthreaded nub at the end is important. If you have something like this, please contact me at Thanks. Alan Van Dyke.

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Alan - take a look at and you will see a table listing that shows the sizing of what you are looking for - just a suggestion to help you at least find a source for the bolt - Tex.

Thank you, Tex. I think if it wasn’t for the BSF threads, I would be able to source something useable from there. I’m not sure if it’s possible to find something with the BSF threads, and these go into a threaded hole in the frame. I suppose as a last resort I could run an SAE tap through the hole, nobody sees this once the top is in place.

Okay Alan - didn’t know if it would help but figured I would mention it - not sure where to look for BSF thread bolt - Tex.

Alan - take a look at and you can find a link for the crossover of BSF to other threads - also they may have the shoulder bolt for you - worth a look maybe - Tex.

Alan, Seems to me you are making this too hard; chances of finding an original, let alone in serviceable condition are remote, and you are not going to find anything new/similar with a BSF thread, unless commissioned already by one of the specialist XK parts suppliers…

Dont know where you live, but most places it would be a simple job for a local machine shop to make one up, if you can source the Whitworth hexagon bar, its a simple lathe job, and if you cant get hexagon bar, a simple milling job then a lathe job. Just an example or a good photo is enough for a competent machine shop, and indeed many back yard hobbyists could do such a relatively simple job.
I had to get two off more complicated BSF threaded Banjo bolts (holding up bolt) when rebuilding a pair of H8 carburetters, with one shearing as I undid it, and the other twisting but not breaking - such is the weakness of banjo bolts with frozen threads. But no big deal as I had the twisted one as a sample to copy exactly - the spare parts sold by Burlen were not accurate being a later/different replacement part, albeit would have worked perfectly OK…
See pic of the broken original and the twisted original - somewhat more complicated, but still easy enough, than your hood frame bolt - both with BSF threads…


Thanks, Roger, that will be my next step. CAC had something that looked like it might be the correct item, but they can’t get it anymore, so after asking around and not turning anything up, the local machine shop will be my next step.