Show me your Doorjamb, I have a question (pic)


There are surprisingly few pics of the latch side of the FHC doorjamb. Lots of the hinge side, but I have a question.

Does the vertical trim piece go flush to the folded arch cover or flush to the closed door? I hope not both cause that will not happen on my car. See picture.

Yes, I went with leather.
Yes I know the leather is trimmed wrong, see my comment on no pictures.

'64, S1 3.8 FHC

The inner peace you show has a metal substrate. It should be bent to tightly fit the curve. The other piece is close to the door when it’s closed. I have never seen piping used on that edge. It’s not correct but it’s your car, do what you like.

This is original, if it helps.

Here’s the way it was on my 3.8. Not original but as supplied by Suffolk & Turley and the same as whet it was befiore. The thin vertical piece is a sheet metal strip covered with vinyl and the piece behind screwed on is the front of the side trim card.

Thanks for the pics. unfortunately my bent over wheel arch piece will not “stretch” fr enough to be flush with the metal plate if it is lined up with the closed door. Bummer.

Here’ mine during disassembly many moons ago. Early 4.2 FHC. Quite certain it is original.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL


Here’s two pictures of my Series 2 OTS in the process of disassembly (in process of redoing my interior now). First picture shows how the two pieces looked installed. The second shows the “striker” piece when the first piece is removed. The third shows that same piece viewed from the door opening. Hope this helps…


The vertical trim piece should be against the door, and the panel should go up against it.