Showing your Jaguar at car shows - power drain

Any thoughts when showing your car, should i find and remove a fuse that controls the inside entry dome lights? I may have two doors open all day long.

Yes you should.
But, at least on the SIII, there are two fuses involved, one at the drivers and one at the passenger’s fuse box.

I have fabricated a small bracket that keeps the door switch pushed for when I work on the car and need to keep a door open for a long time.

Put a kill switch on a main battery terminal, so you can shut off all the power. Then nobody can steal your car while you’re looking at all the other cars with their doors open.

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could you shoot me a picture, or sell me couple of them, i was thinking of keeping
a front and rear door open possibly as my interior if flawless. thanks. mike

What year and model Jaguar are you asking about?


I would not show a car with the doors open.

There are two kind of shows, casual and snobby fancy. You can tell a blue collar car show because all the hoods are up. Proud of the work he did on that engine bay. At a blue collar casual car show, an open door is an invitation to sit down.

At a straw hat snobby car show the hoods (and doors!) are never open. At judging you will lift the hood for a few moments, but the field never has that “every car is broken down” look.

So at either kind of show it’s doors closed, just for different reasons.


According to Michael’s profile he has a 2001 XJ8. If this is the car he is asking about, then he is on the wrong list and any specific technical recommendations may not apply to his car because it is at least two generations newer and completely different than any of the cars discussed on this list.


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hi paul, 01 xj8. im just looking for general comment on shows, nothing on the mechanical side.
thanks, mike

I roll down the windows so people can poke their head on. Never an open door.