Side curtain storage

Due to fixed back seats, I cannot store my side curtains in the usual shelf, and also don’t have any protective bag/case for them, so they got pretty dirty and a bit scratched up just sitting in my garage.
I know Moss has a reproduction storage bag, but is $200, and I’m just wanting to keep them from getting scratched and dirty while not installed. Just curious if anyone else has found a good solution for this?

Do you know anyone who could sew up a simple bag from canvas?

Hi Brandon, I had a similar situation when I removed the top entirely to move my seats back, and wanted a secure bag to store the top in my garage. Search Amazon for “Bicycle Transport Bag” and you’ll probably find one of the proper size for less than $50.

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Brilliant, yes top storage would be nice too, but hadn’t thought that far ahead! Someday I’d like to figure out some arrangement to keep the top with me, now that I’ve survived actually driving in the rain, but the fixed seats are a challenge. And I love the seats, so…