Side curtains, any interest in posting a photo essay of them?

My side curtains are intact. They’re a mess but they do show how they go together. Is there any use in posting a bunch of pictures for reference?

As I go along I’ll eventually have to strip them for reupholstering.

Personally, I love to see photos of tattered, but original condition cars. No matter how many books you acquire on Original Jaguars, the photos never cover everything.


I’m quite lucky in that this car (except for some minor dent repairs and the interior swap-out) is un-molested with patches, pop-riveted flashing, fiberglass, etc.

I also have 2 140s locally that are incredible restored examples.

Another reason for posting photos of old parts, is that not all XK120s were alike, in fact the running joke is that no two were alike. I don’t know if anyone has told you this dark secret yet, but there were many changes through the 6 years of production, some well documented, some less so, some not at all. Side curtains could well be one of those examples of poor documentation, and then there were aftermarket versions. Any and all information is welcome.

I am a new member who owned an alloy XK120 OTS 50+ years ago. It came “disassembled” and when it was time for me to consider a top and side curtains for it I found that the parts I had purchased did not fit. Since I lived in California and had no intention of deliberately driving it in the rain anyway the parts were stored and in time the car was sold and an XKE with all the right parts for bad weather bought. I am now getting around to cleaning out my storage and still have the top and side curtains so am taking some photos which I hope can be of some use to someone. The curtains and top will fit the middle production years.
I don’t seem to be able to post photos on this site so here is the ad for them - if the gentlemen who I quoted object I will take them off the ad just let me know. :slight_smile:

@Confused1, did your 120 come with the side curtains?

Hi Paul, When I bought my XK120 OTS in the late 1960’s there was no top or side curtains included. The engine & transmission were out of the car and disassembled - the car needed work and I was collecting parts for it over a period of years. There was no internet then and all these specialty shops making parts for limited production cars were rare. When I found these side curtains I bought them quick and only found out that there were different sizes when they didn’t fit on my car. I kept them with a plan to modify them later but eventually decided not to start cutting up a decent original set and just stored them with the other left over parts. I never found a set that fit an alloy car.

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I too have not been able to find side curtains for my alloy cars. JK sent me one that was from an alloy but it did not fit. The plexi and surround trim were the same as the 50-52 side curtains I already have but the 3/8 steel mounting rod and hooks are a little different. I am currently in the process of making 2 sets.
They are not interchangeable between the two cars. It seems possible that they were made to fit individual cars like the spats.

Hi X,
You are a brave man (finding someone willing to construct side curtains and ordering 2 sets !)
The man I bought my alloy from (who owned more than one) made a point of telling me several times to keep the spats with the car and I came to appreciate that when I saw what a nice fit they were on my car and found they were different from other spats.

I don’t think you can have someone construct alloy side curtains without having the car to fit them to. I am constructing them myself. Photos show jigs and trial fit of assemblies to date.

Frame jig with comparison to later frame.

Support jig, hooks must be fabricated to fit doors before welding.

Trim steel jig, I had brass pre bent to U shape, molded easily with a little heat

Tapping and trimming surround trim.

Trial fit right #670110.

Trial fit left #670088.
Plexi, chrome and canvas next.


I have made 30 or so sets of these for early XK120 cannot say if same as the alloy cars and then late 120 and XK140.
Factory one were made on jig so all the same so I have lazer cut the main frame we have jig for the rail a piece of 3/8 round bar with back machines off also had tabs to hold to doors lazer cut
I highly suggest most of this prelim fit work done prior to painting ie set up small length ply rubber and leather wrap and check it all fits and only tack weld later when all finished recheck weld properly
all early cars the frame was left as pair metal not recommended later cars painted gray the rail and tabs were chrome plated.
I have also made lazer cut patterns of perspex in 1/8 steel to make up brass mouldings for the 3 versions


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Mike, Thanks for the photos - Just nothing better than seeing something good being created out of raw materials.