Side curtains, any interest in posting a photo essay of them?

My side curtains are intact. They’re a mess but they do show how they go together. Is there any use in posting a bunch of pictures for reference?

As I go along I’ll eventually have to strip them for reupholstering.

Personally, I love to see photos of tattered, but original condition cars. No matter how many books you acquire on Original Jaguars, the photos never cover everything.

I’m quite lucky in that this car (except for some minor dent repairs and the interior swap-out) is un-molested with patches, pop-riveted flashing, fiberglass, etc.

I also have 2 140s locally that are incredible restored examples.

Another reason for posting photos of old parts, is that not all XK120s were alike, in fact the running joke is that no two were alike. I don’t know if anyone has told you this dark secret yet, but there were many changes through the 6 years of production, some well documented, some less so, some not at all. Side curtains could well be one of those examples of poor documentation, and then there were aftermarket versions. Any and all information is welcome.