Side Entry Distributor cap for MarkIV

Seeking a replacement distributor cap for a Mark IV . Part number is 407279
any ideas for sources?
Lou C

Contact Distributor Doctor

Also Advanced Distributors

Also KIP Motor Company

British Vacuum Unit might know

They can be found in auctions such as eBay.

Quality of product is variable. Some newer caps have tracking issues when warm. Some old original caps have continuity problems in center screw due to corrosion from just getting old (this corrosion can be sanded away from screwpoint).

This remind em that someone was asking about a distributor cap fr an SS100 DUH6A dis a little while ago. I notice one for sale on ebay UK last night .

Mark V and early XK120 have 415708 listed in their catalogues, which is also a horizontal or side entry cap. Is it the same or close enough?

For XK120 side entry caps you could try Bill Tracy in Florida, or XKs Unlimited in California.

Recently I came across an unexplained anomaly in caps.
Three caps, all oriented the same with their side clips, but one has the coil input at a different angle. So be sure to orient your plug wires according to the side clips, and not according to the coil wire.