Side lights housing - MK V

Can anyone help?
Im looking for side lights housing for Jaguar MK V.

Any idea where to buy or get this made.

Many thanks

Replacements are generic. In that they have excess metal on oth sides and can be cut back to be used either nearside o r off side And being universal, they don’t have the holes that retains the lens on the Mk V.
We had a batch done many yeas ago y Rare Spares in Melbourne
My supply is ised up ,I don’t know whether Worcester bought any of them , or still have supplies
1936/7 cars had brass housings, a pity that they didn’t continue that.

For a bit of trivia, 83 percent of Mark Vs are like the picture, but the last 17 percent of Mark Vs had a rectangular slot in the top of the pod for a red plastic telltale indicator, also found on the XK models.

Later XK120s use a similar pod but it is not the same, shorter length and different angle of the lens opening because it sits farther forward on the curvature of the wing.
However, the first 50 or so FHCs used the Mark V pod, perhaps using up leftovers after the end of Mark V production.