Side panel fastening

Jaguar uses a few screws to attach the interior front side panels, both on the driver and passenger side, to the center console. Because the two fastened surfaces are curved and the material is relatively fragile (basically a type of cardboard) these side panel screws tend to come apart leaving the side panel flapping or drooping over time.

Our solution was to use U-channel (surplus from the electric window mechanism, but any U-channel will work) to fabricate a much more robust fastening system. Short screws tapped into the side of the U-channel hold the console and side tightly together. Now the side panels are just as sturdy as the center console itself.

Here is the outside view.

Good idea…will give it a try

I’m having a hard time visualizing the panel in question. Is this a Series I thing that a Series III guy wouldn’t recognize?


Yes, a Series 1 (I don’t know about the Series 3). Perhaps this photo will help:

This is from an original 1972 XJ6 showing the right side panel that is attached to the center console. The Series 1 foot box shelf under the dash abuts this panel.

My XJ6 interior is now modified as shown below, but the panel placement is approximately the same as in the original version.

New modified panel

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