Signatures- can these be blocked?

Is there a way to block signatures that accompany other’s posts?
Thank you

Do you mean repeated sayings or quotes that often appear below the unique text one might post on a topic? If so I think those are added by the author each time that individual posts something. I think the software doesn’t recognize it as anything special, just as message text.

How about posting an example Carlo?

Yes, those are the ones.

If I did that, I would be rude to the one who does it.

Sometimes, the signature is longer than the contents of the post

Why not just PM the guy and politely suggest that he shorten his signature? His response may surprise you.

I guess I’m not seeing what the issue is…?

Who am I to ask someone to do something for my sake. I’m sure the saying attached to his posts means something to him. Some forums have the sig block feature which allows the poster to keep his sig and for others not to have to read it.
Thank you

Similar to being able to block someone completely. Just another way to customize the forum experience.

As I understand it, the forum software does not support Signatures, so an you see on posts are probably cut and pasted there by the sender, or (more likely) the sender is using the email interface to the forum (rather than the web version) and the signature is being added by their email application. You can tell a message originated on email by an envelope symbol in the top RH corner of the message. Either way, the forum software cannot distinguish it from the body of the message, so no way to block it IMHO.

I think your only options are to ignore his posts entirely, the software has that option in settings, or just quit reading once you get to the offending part.

Is it something from Pavel Mirsky? If so it cannot be blocked and you‘ll have to live with it.

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