SII Air Conditioning


‘you’re killin’ me man, you’re killin’ me man”. Just when I thought I had a plan of action you hit me with this innovation.

Now, seriously, thanks so much for your guidance on the extension, and belt size. Your latest addition is very intriguing (not to mention brilliant) but I suspect above my skill level. When you write “…add a small squirrel cage computer fan, fabricated a box and vent…” I am in need of a detailed tutorial. Any chance I could bribe you to construct another one😂?

Anyway, I join the line of those people who are grateful for your contribution to the “cool” crowd of E-type owners.

Thanks again,

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Hello Paul,
S3 E Type B.U.T.E.C. alternator came off a truck. S2 and S3 Tail Lights came off a Lotus and I think Lotus must have sourced them from the Box Trailer shop; accordingly, agricultural parts on a Jaguar is not novel.



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Ooooh, careful: this subject nearly started a shit fight, a few weeks back…:grimacing:

Tweety had nothing agricultural in/on him him, but not for a lack of trying.


Began fabrication of ac jockey pulley support bracket from 1/4 steel plate. Looks like I’ll need 1/4” spacers to raise it above the curved face of the water pump. Made a template from styrene.

Top view of new ac jockey pulley steel support bracket on wp with spacers. It is a tight fit between the other two belts, need to trim the pulley eccentric mount to line it all up, then decide where to mount the eccentric on the bracket to get an effective arc.

jockey pulley in place-looks like its going to work- breather pipe off for clarity.


Looks great. Now how much to redo mine :slight_smile:

Keep posing updates looks so nice!

Nice work!! I will be starting this same process in about a week :cat2: on a 68’ e type engine.

Hi Russ,

I have made some progress on my A/C upgrade, having removed the compressor and condenser and successfully mounted the new Sanden compressor.

I started working on the new condenser (same as yours), and have two quick questions. First, where did you get your mounting brackets? I realize they probably need some modification, but I haven’t been able find anything very suitable. Second, I noticed the old setup had a space between the condenser and the radiator. Looking at your photos, the condenser also looks slightly elevated. So, my question is if you used any spacers or some other method to either raise the condenser or separate it from the radiator?

Again, thanks for assistance and patience on this topic.

Skip (‘68 SII 2+2)

Hi Skip
I’m afraid my method of attachment did not include any British parts, as I found some L brackets at the local hardware store. The condenser sits on the lower original sheet metal. I placed the condenser as close as possible to the radiator. I placed it close as I notice on new cars there is little distance between the radiator and condenser. Maybe cuts down on air turbulence. Here are a couple of pictures. Hope that helps.

Thanks Russ, and that does clarify things for me. I will have to check some of the other hardware stores in my area for a suitable L-bracket. I am not concerned with the British aspect, especially given where the condenser came from.

Take care,

Has anyone ever routed the alternator beneath the compressor on a series 2 engine without power steering like the series 1 set up?

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Beautiful work on your AC system. I have a 71 S2 that I am upgrading the AC on. My car has power steering and the kit they sent appears to have a bracket for a car without PS. Does your car have PS? If so, can you provide the drawings for your bracket?
Les Canney
Cambridge, MA

Welcome to the forum. I’m not able to help you out on this. My car does have a power steering pump located below the compressor. The bracket that holds the compressor is heavy 1/4" steel that is bolted to the front of the engine and the side of the engine. The alternator sits in front top and is also attached to this bracket. I believe it came from the factory or was dealer installed. The power steering is held on by a 4-1/4" long bolt with a 3-1/2" long pipe tube that mounts to the front aluminum timing chain cover.
Tried to take a picture, but not able to get a clear view. Maybe someone else has a picture from before engine install.

Here are pictures of the PS pump with mounting bracket. The parts manuals says that power steering cannot be fitted to cars with the early style air conditioning. I assume that is because there is not a mounting point on the old style AC alternator bracket. The PS pump bracket mounts to the alternator bracket on the later-style air conditioning.

In the last picture you can see the pump below the compressor.