SII Carb / Manifold / Air intake & Misc parts

Multiple parts available after converting from a dual carb Zenith / Stromberg setup to the SU triple carb set-up. All parts are original and in working order, coming off my car in the last month during the conversion.

Misc parts: a 15” leather wrapped steering wheel which I replaced with a wooden 16” wheel. Two shift knobs, the leather one original to my car.

If someone is interesting in bundling parts for the complete SII carb / exhaust / air intake set, just PM me.

Happy Motoring!

Salvi this needs to be deleted and posted in the correct forum i.e. the classified section.
There is a strict β€˜No Selling’ policy within the type specific forums.

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Oh dear, I thought I went to the classifieds. Will delete / move as soon as I get home to better Internet connectivity