SII OTS resonators

Did a dry fit of my exhaust system. All fits well but I’m not sure if the exhaust tips are high enough off the ground. I measured the distance from the top of the resonator exhaust tip and the lower edge of the rear bumper at 8". An alternate reference : the top of the tips are nearly flush with the bottom of the license plate.
The resonators are parallel to the belly of the boot.
Can anyone share their SII OTS / FHC same dimensions ?


mine measure 6 7/8" from top of the tip to bottom of bumper. resonators are parallel to body on mine too. are you using a new hanger ?
how close are the tail pipes below the IRS? I didnt measure mine but can if needed!

Thank you Bob. Everything is brand new including the hanger. A slight downwords pull can be seen on the hanger’s rubber. If you are referring to the intermediates they are not exactly parallel to the IRS. Very close: .25" to the tie plate on the diff input end and about .5" on the diff input side. But if I move anything there the resonators angle will change…

JCNA SII guidelines :

Two with integral chrome plated tail pipes splayed to terminate on each side of the license plate - ends cut to be
perpendicular to ground See references A, pages 212 (205) for picture”

Where can I get reference A with the picture ?


Mine measure exactly 6"

Thanks John. 2" swing with Bob in the middle, I’m definitely too low. Are your resonators flush with the body as well as the intermediates with the IRS?


Probably better to show pictures.

Intermediates gap to the rear of the IRS looks like mine. Your resonators are closer to the body.
Have to figure our where the issue/s are. I probable should factor in that nothing is clamped down and only the mufflers are secured.

Thank you John.


What it looks like from the rear.

Check where the two resonators bolt together and make sure that connection is level.

That one confirms my thoughts : mine are too low.

Much appreciated John !


mine looks just like Johns. I dont have a rear view picture handy but here are the pipes under my IRS . FYI, my system is a Bell stainless, but I swapped the resonators to the same ones John has. and they hang the same as the bell units did

Intermediates are a good 1/2’ to 5/8" below the IRS…

Thank you Bob.


on another note about this. The Bell resonators were cut square, the chromed steel ones are more like what my originals looked like, they have an angle on the ends thats more pronounced.

my originals were made by Burgess and had the p/n JA 037