SIII E Type V12 Lower Distributor body needed


I am in need of a distributor lower for a SIII V12. Pls see the picture I pulled from the archives and thank you to the original poster. My existing lower distributor is damaged; missing the timing adjusting slot. Pls let me know if you have one, hopefully for sale. Also if there is an interest in the broken lower distributor I currently have; )

Thanks much



Hi Tim have you located a dizzy

Where are you located


No dizzy yet. I am in WI USA

Hi Tim Iā€™m in the uk I have a friend who has one I will confirm a price and shipping many thanks Colin

Hi Tim just confirming evtype v12 series 3

Hi Tim rough price on postage is Ā£100 gbp plus cost of dizzy

Hi Tim sorry spoke tothe guy I thought had it but he no. Longer has it sorry
You can try the following
Both have websites
Hutsons motor group
Bradford wes yorkshire

Sng barrat
They have a outlet in the USA
And they refurb the v12 dizzy
Let me know how you go on

Hi Tim there is one just come available on eBay uk if interested many thanks


I have received a distributor from a member, thank you very very much! I also thank all of you that made an effort to help. Fantastic! I very much appreciate the efforts!



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