Silly E type questions

On my S1, FHC, why are the center instrument panel screws so long? Such a fine thread and such a long screw I feel like I’m screwing to and from China!

Probably what they could get. E Types were very much built down to a price.

Felt the same way: chopped about half off, of mine.

Seems to vary. My 63 had short, my 68 also. Found a couple of early XJ6 sedans in a parts yard with similar rockers and gauges that had longer threaded screws holding it in place. Did not appear it needed the extra length.

Not confined to ‘E’’s The ‘S’ type has long threads as well so we saloon owners feel your pain.

It’s to slow down thieves, followed by the extended struggle to fold down the panel.


I also cut mine shorter then restored the pointy tip and chased the threads.

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The fact that the ‘S’ had a starter button rather than the more normal key start saved my car many years ago.

There are 2 lengths. The short ones have about 1/2" of threads for the thin metal panels of the ser.1 and some early sedans. The long ones are about 1" long for the wood faced panels of the ser2&3 and again, some wood faced sedans. Yours might have been switched.


Please don’t roast me for this (possibly dumb question of the forum award).

If you remove the spinner(s) with the full weight of the car on the wheel(s). will the wheel(s) stay on?

I’m wondering if the car can stay on the ground with wheels on and spinners off to have them rechromed during winter storage when the car is difficult to move and raise completely. I’ve never had splined wheels so not sure how they act (or react).

Yes, you can remove the spinners with the car sitting on the ground; just don’t try to move the car without them installed.

That is how I often loosened them. As said, just don’t forget, and drive off: it will become A Very Bad Day.

No problem driving off. Once she’s tucked away for winter, she doesn’t move for at least 3 months.

Thanks for the help!

Don’t forget to pump up the tires to prevent flat spots. Pumped mine up to about 45psi.

I take the cars up to 40 lb while idle. Could go 45.

Mine never sits for the winter so I don’t do any of that, but for those who have to store the car in the winter for weather reasons I wonder if it would be worthwhile to buy some lumber and knock together four wood blocks tall enough to just keep the tir es off of the floor. Put them under the front control arms as close to the wheel as possible in front and under the hub carriers in the rear.

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Then, send them to John, and he’ll put a world class black paint job on’em!!

Or, shellac…:grimacing:

What is the color of the tube from the radiator to the connection to the heater supply inlet and the color of the breather tube to the air filter?

I’ve seen the radiator as black or silver cad and the breather as silver cad. Mine are semigloss grey.


My SI breather tube was cad: the heater tube was Jaguar’s patented, "Runny, Drippy Black"©.


Thanks, I’ve perfected the Jaguar process