Silver MK X Pictures PLEASE

Would love to see pics of MK X’s that were painted silver. Considering this color for my car. If anyone can post pics please do.

silver and green ok ??

A number on the googlebox…

that should take you to pictures of all MKX that are listed as silver on the Jaguar Saloons Database…an excellent resource maintained by a lister here

Seems Silver was a bit of a rare color. Not too many pics…

yes it is a very large and reflective car in my opinion

I forgot to mention the “color” (and other qualifications) dont always show, which may be cause the owner has not listed the color, but it seems the search engine is imperfect.

If you search all the MKX and 420G, you may find more

I agree Silver is probably not common, a wide range of colors was offered

Is yours Silver ?

Mine is originally gold and has red interior. I feel it would look better White,Dark Blue(hot),Black (too damn hot- I live in Louisiana) or Silver. As I will do a full on resto I can change the color to something a bit more palatable than Gold.

Do like almost all DKWs were…:grimacing:

Mine was a near carbon copy of this one.


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Dark Blue is hot, I can testify

dont like White much, as it looks like a wedding car

I strongly advise install an A/C system that replicates the original, (if it is a non-A/C car)

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my best one was silver on top with green sides but i like my sky blue one although significantly warmer, no ac , natural gas with large steel tank took up much space but yielded huge fuel saving and no top end coking, bottom end was perfectly acceptable when pulled sump and caps to put in xk.

Now the natural gas option is VERY INTERESTING! Would love to hear more about that…

not sure what your availability is but often available at propane, hydrogenrefuel points and some best practices apply alse connection have changed to minimize dangers.
i pickued up first mk10 3.8 with conversion already installed. italian high quality tailored system with a little computer for changing curve as still had gasoline. rebuilt 9 to 1 three x two inch su - multi spud venturi at inlet behind air filter. gasoline start when cold, uprated ignition voltage etc -please excuse disjointerd spelling etc- worked good but range limit less than100mi. incredibly cheap- afew dollars a fill. i can look and see make etc if you like? john

Would love any info you can provide on it.

when it stops raining

@MarekH may have insights for you there.