Silver paint for the Series 2 Dash Switch plastic surround

I would like to renew the silver paint as in the photo below.

Does anyone have experience with what type of paint to use and how to apply it?


I’ve used silver paint from a marks a lot type pen. I once saw for sale a panel that seemed to have chrome surrounds…was too expensive for me to buy…seemed to be NOS.

There is a thread somewhere here where chrome was applied sucessfully. As I recall they used a sticky back chrome available from hobby shops.

The results were quite striking though possibly not as-original.

I bought a small bottle of silver paint at a hobby shop, The kind one would use to paint plastic model parts. I used a fine brush.

I installed the hobby shop sticky back chrome about ten years ago and it’s still looking good. Prior to that I had tried the “chrome” paint which was just a silver paint. It did not wear well. It came off when I cleaned around the switches. The hobby chrome has been very durable. It’s a bit tedious but then so is painting the chrome paint. Careful cutting with a sharp hobby knife will give you nice switch surrounds. My switch assembly looks very close to the one in the picture.

Check out this thread…

I got good results using a silver colored Sharpie - cheap, easy to apply, and has lasted nicely.

And it also works great for autographs…

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Here’s a picture of the hobby shop chrome that I put around the switches about ten years ago. Still looks good after many days in the hot sun and cold winter.

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Look for a product called Bare Metal Foil, used to embellish plastic model kits, costs about $10. Incredible product, very forgiving and if you mess up you just start over. Use wicked sharp hobby knives to trim any excess and it looks top shelf.


Bare Metal brand foil is the one I used in the picture above. I did have to redo one of the switch surrounds because I got a wrinkle in the material when I stuck it on. As you say, it was an easy remove and replace effort. I am particularly impressed with how well it’s stayed on with the varied temperatures and humidity it’s experienced. The car has been garaged but has also been used for driving and shows over the past ten years. If you can handle a sharp hobby knife, you can put the material on and enjoy accomplishment.